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Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st Nebulizer...Pulmozyme Video

The above video is of Lil' Chris doing his very first nebulizer treatment!! Not bad for being a 5 year old CFer!! Most CFers start within their first year it seems like! He still doesn't even seem like he needs it, but from what I've gathered, it will only help him in the long run.

His first inhaled med is called Pulmozyme. It's purpose is to thin the mucus. People with Cystic Fibrosis produce very thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs and other organs making it harder to breathe. Pulmozyme helps thin the mucus, then the Vest helps clear the mucus out. After his Pulmozyme this morning, we did his vest about 20 minutes after, and I tried to get him to cough after the Vest, but it didn't seem to do much. I guess I was expecting a wet sounding cough that would produce mucus, but it was just dry. Not sure if this is a good sign or not.

I have always been a little scared of nubulizers with Lil' Chris, b/c I know it's very important to keep them sterile. If we don't sterilize them properly, then bad bacterias could build up on it and that would NOT be good for Lil' Chris. We were told to do it right after each use, b/c otherwise the medicine will build up on it and it will be hard to scrub it off. We rinsed it with hot water, then put all the pieces in a bowl and microwaved them for 5 minutes right after his treatment. Then when done, we shook the excess water off and let them air dry on a paper towel. We can not rinse them off with tap water, b/c that would defeat the whole purpose. I've been told that we could use a baby bottle cleaner, so I may have to pick one of those up;-)

This is all a new experience for us, so any insight would be much appreciated!! :)

Lil' Chris is doing GREAT!! He doesn't cough that much, but when he does, it is dry so that is VERY good!! A couple of weeks ago, he was waking up in the morning with lots of build up in his nose, but once he would blow a few times, he was fine. He complained of a sore throat a couple of days, and it got me worried he was getting a cold, but I guess it was just allergies. Thank the Lord!!

Right now, he is living it up having a blast on his Summer vacation, esp the last 4 weeks with his cousins!! Adding the Pulmozyme now will help him get into a routine for when Kindergarten starts this Fall. We decided to start the Pulmozyme this week, b/c I have off work this week and thought it would be good for me to be there with him for the first week so he can get used to it.

On another note...after my vacation this week, I will be going back to work on Mon 7/9 as an Assistant Store Manager of the Wooster Kohl's!!! WOO HOO!! I've finally been promoted AND within the same store!! I can't wait to get started, but this relaxing week with my loves will be so nice:) Thank you so much to all who were praying for this promotion and for me to get to stay at the same location. It really means a lot to me to get to stay so close to Lil' Chris and my family. Family time is so precious to me...to any family with a family member with a terminal illness. I'm just so glad I have the BEST DM EVER to promote me within the same store!! That almost never happens! THANK YOU JASON!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYERS!!

Have a GREAT week, I know me and the kids will...and Daddy when he has off work;-) lol


Victoria's Mom said...

Congratulations on the promotion! That's awesome. I'm so happy for you!

I did the microwave for 5 minutes last night when I just didn't feel like boiling. ;-) But I was left wondering how does it get sanitized with just 5 minutes of microwaving? When it doesn't necessarily get to a boil. But it needs a full 5 minutes of boiling to get sanitized on the stove?

Just a question I was asking myself last night. Have you seen any research one way or another?

I hope continued use the Pulmozyme will help Chris even if you didn't see a difference after the first session.

Political Jules said...

I use sterilizer bags for breast feeding pump parts. You can get them on amazon. You put the neb cups in, add 60cc of water and microwave for five minutes. The steam gets hotter than boiling water. http://www.amazon.com/Simplisse-Microwave-Steam-Sterilizer-Reusable/dp/B00363M5GU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1341291556&sr=8-5&keywords=sterilizer+bags