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Thursday, July 26, 2012

CF Clinic Visit / Thirty-One & Alice Noble Fundraiser Results

Had a GREAT CF clinic visit yesterday, and a GREAT Thirty-One Party for CF last night!! We have raised $700 so far and are still taking orders until Fri 7/27!! The pic above are just a couple of items available. BIG THANK YOU to Carrie Guenther my consultant, who did a wonderful job and is donating 25%(her commission) to a CURE for CF!! Another BIG THANK YOU to all my awesome girls for coming to my party and ordering something!!...
Stacie M
Samantha S
Rachel M
Samantha C
Andrea S

HUGE THANK YOU to my Kohl's girls in red above for coming so that Kohl's will give a grant of $500 that will go towards a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis for Lil' Chris and ALL who suffer from CF!! To break it down, $500(Kohl's grant) + $200(25% commission on $800 ordered)=$700!! Click here if you would like to order too and help us get to $1,000 by Friday 7/27!!!! 

Every girls gotta have a Thirty-One bag;-) I'm super excited to get mine!!! You can even personalize it with a saying like "Cure CF" or your name or something for only $5!! Also, for every $31 you spend, you get one of 5 bags for only $5!! The bags you get for $5 are really nice too!! If you are interested, just let me know!

Thank you to Samantha for bringing Makayla so that Lil' Chris and Ayla had someone to play with:) Also, it was so nice talking with Samantha and sharing my tips and tricks of having an infant with CF. Her 4 month old daughter was recently diagnosed with CF. Please keep Aubrey and the whole family in prayer as they get used to this new way of life. Also, Aubrey has cultured Pseudomonas already and is on Tobi and Cipro which is hard for a little one to sit and do those treatments.

Special thanks to my neighbor Stacy W for ordering on-line even though she couldn't make the party! Thanks Stacy!!

Thank you to Jeanette and Steph W for spreading the word and getting orders!! You girls ROCK!!

So our goal is to hit $1,000 raised by Friday 7/27, so make your orders and spread the word!!

As for Lil' Chris' clinic visit...his weight was 45 lbs(73 percentile) up from 43.8 lbs, height was 45.5 inches(88th percentile) up from 45, and his BMI was 47% up from 40!! WOOHOO!!! I'm so glad he has started eating a little bit more. He will now eat a grilled cheese sandwich, turkey and cheese sandwiches, and nuggets!! Just the other day when I was giving him a bath, for the first time I noticed that his belly is actually starting to stick out a little bit!! WOOHOO!!! Gaining weight is so important to CFers. 

His PFT test went GREAT!! He blew a 99 FEV and a 93 FEV1!! She kept saying what a great job he was doing for his age! I love his face in the video's above after he got done:) He was so impressed with himself, I think:) I know I sure was proud of him!! Way to Go Lil' Chris!!

Overall, the CF doctor told us that we are doing a GREAT job as parents and to keep doing whatever we are doing b/c it's working! She also said that ....

"Lil' Chris is our poster child for CF"

WHAT???? WOW!!! I LOVE hearing that!! I pray he continues to do so well! He wouldn't be doing so well if it wasn't for all your prayers!! I can't thank you all enough for continually praying for Lil' Chris!! It means the world to us!! God CAN work miracles, and he is every day in Lil' Chris!!

I'd say pray for a clear throat culture result, but he didn't get one this time. I'm not too worried about it since he just got one 2 months ago and he hasn't had a cough since!! Praise the Lord!!

The kids behaved so well for the 2 hours that we were there!! When they weren't looking out the window at the baseball field with Daddy, they were playing with the iPad or reading books that we brought from the library:) Love my kids!!

We had another CF Fundraiser today at the Alice Noble Ice Arena! BIG THANK YOU to my awesome Kohl's associates for coming so that Kohl's will give another $500 grant to cure CF!!...
Steph W
Sarah D

That's $1200 in just 2 DAYS for a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis!! WOOHOO!! We did a CF craft at the Summer camp at Alice Noble today, which was learning about CF and then putting CF tattoos on. Above is a pic of the kids being goofy with their shirts and shorts. Some of them even put the tattoo on their forehead. LOL! Then there is a pic of Lil' Chris being silly with one of the toys:) LOL

PS. I'll update you on our total from the Thirty-One party after Friday when it closes:)


Gemma said...

If said it time and time again but wow momma you are a fundraising machine!! I cannot even figure out how much you've already raised!! You rock!

And way to go lil Chris, he's doing amazing, impressive stats :)

He looks so grown up already, where is the time going? :)

Take care xxx

Gemma said...

I've not if :D sorry quick fingers tonight :)