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Monday, November 3, 2008

CF Update

Lil' Chris has been doing GREAT!! Thanks for all the prayers for him to stay healthy. We have our CF Clinic visit this Wednesday. They want him to take another sweat test, b/c he didn't sweat the last time they tried it. I doubt he will sweat this time either, but I guess we'll do what the Dr.'s say. My husband and I think it is pointless since we already know he definitely has CF, but I guess they need it on record that he was tested positive by blood work and the sweat test. Weird!

Today I scheduled a Dr.'s appointment with the pediatrician to get Lil' Chris' flu shot. He also has to get his 15 months shots too. I know, I know, he's 16 months. Somehow we didn't schedule our next appt. the last time we were there, so I forgot about it. We actually thought they said he didn't have to go back until he was 18 months to get more shots. When I called today, I thought I was a couple of months ahead of schedule, but I guess not. Sorry Lil' Chris:( They said it's no big deal, but we want to get those shots soon. So we have our appt. for next Thursday at 1:30. It's going to be a busy day, b/c I have my 7 months OB appt. that morning. Yea! I get to drink the orange stuff!!

Wish us luck,


Phoenix's Mom said...

I must say I think you are the cutest Kangaroo I've ever seen! Stay strong and healthy little man. You have a wonderful Mommy there to cheer you on! Take care, and hide from those cold and flu bugs that are coming!
Phoenix sends big hugs to his new friend!


The Liberto Family said...

I'm glad he is doing well. I must say Chris and Melissa remind me of each other. I can tell just in his videos and pictures that he has a great personality and just with them both doing well with CF.

I don't even think Melissa has ever had the sweat test done on her. What do they do, make him hot so he sweats. I do remember one of the doctors from the CF clinic licked her head and he could taste the salt. I also can taste the salt on Melissa more in the summer. It is so weir