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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kanagroo Chris Going Trick or Treating=)

Lil' Chris had a BLAST going trick or treating this year! I think he may have liked pushing the stroller more though;)On Thursday 10/30, we took him to the Outlets up the road and did some trick or treating at all the different stores. They have a train there now that goes around all the stores, so he of course loves to watch it go by. We rode it last time we were there. It was free this time b/c it was Halloween, but we didn't go on it. It was getting late and we still had to get him home to do his Vest, plus it looked very crowded on the lil' carts. It wasn't worth him getting any germs, since we went on it last time.

On Friday 10/31, he had fun helping Daddy pass out some candy to the neighborhood kids. Then we tried to teach him what he is supposed to do when we go trick or treating, but that didn't work so well. Then we took him out to go trick or treating in our development. It was such a beautiful night, actually quit warm surprisingly, since we had snow 3 days before. He had so much fun getting his candy. He would just go up to the doors and just stand there. We tried to get him to knock, say "Trick or Treat", and say "Thank you", but it didn't work. He was too busy holding his Elmo basket and pulling out the candy. He had to hold one in his hand the whole time. We talked with the neighbors for a lil' bit, and he just kept running around their yard with a piece of candy they had given him and kept giggling the whole time. It was so cute!!

Once we got home, he dumped his Elmo basket out so he could play with his candy. He even tried to share a lollipop with me. We can't wait til next year. Hopefully neither him nor I will have a baby in our bellies next Halloween;) Yup, great job to those who guessed it!! He was a Kangaroo so that we both had lil' babies in our bellies:)


Anonymous said...

Aww...so cute!

Alicia said...

What a cute montage! I feel so dumb-of course the baby! And I'm so glad you guys had a great time!

Aunt D. said...

You guys! That was so awesome! Chris always finds the coolest apps for pictures & videos. Looks like you all had a fun time on Halloween! That costume was so adorable....I loved watching him pushing the stroller with the tail wagging behind him. =)

Auntie Steph said...

So cute! The boys liked watching the video. Nathan said we had to put our coats on so we could go, Lincoln kept saying,"dat me Mommy!?", and Tyler couldn't believe Lil Chris is walking! We can't wait to come out in a few weeks!