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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jeans for Genes Days

We had a great couple of Jeans for Genes Days last week. We actually made $63.00 on Thursday 11/6 and made $59.00 on Friday 11/7!!! So far all together, we have raised $186.82 towards our goal of $2,000!!! YEA!! We are doing another Jeans for Genes Day this Wednesday.

We were going to try to have a CF mom meeting this week to try to set up our Great Strides Walk, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen now. Maybe next week.



Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful that your co-workers support you in your fundraising! I am available next week except on Thursday. You know how they say CFers love salt. For lunch today, Daniel had ham which he covered in salt. Ugh! He ate every bite! Daniel's Mom

Aunt D. said...

That's really great M!! Sounds like you work with a great group of people!! =)

The Liberto Family said...

That's great! Ever dollar gets our kids closer and closer to that cure.
I need check and find out if Paul's work will let him do this. I of course would have to be the one to put it together for him.