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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick Update

Our CF Clinic visit went very well. I took lots of pics and video of our day together, but they are still downloading:( I even got video of them doing the sweat test, if anyone is curious as to how it is done. I thought maybe it would put some new CF moms mind at ease for when they have to get it done. Lil' Chris didn't mind it one bit:)

Hopefully I'll be able to post everything later today before I go to work,


Alicia said...

I can't wait! Did he "sweat" this time?

Cindy said...

Good news! I would be curious about the sweat test. Reilly had the genetic testing (2 mos to wait until we could get her in for the sweat test), and she has DD F508, so, that's a positive! I'll email you info on the medical trust fund...it was simple! And no charge!

Anonymous said...

That is great news!!!