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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Feeling Well

Please pray for Lil' Chris. He was throwing up last night and felt warm, but no fever. Although he slept through the whole night, he still felt warm and just wasn't himself all day. I just hope he isn't coming down with anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day(although I don't mind all the snuggle time I am getting:)

I'll keep you posted.


Alicia said...

Poor thing! We'll be praying he feels better very soon.

Cindy said...

I will keep all of you in our thoughts & prayers! I hope he is feeling better today!

The Liberto Family said...

Hope he gets to feeling better! I'll say a prayer for him!

Aunt D. said...

Hey Girl! We're finally back home & I'm sad to see Lil C isn't feeling well! I'll be praying for him - give him a kiss for me!