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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1st Annual Great Strides Walk

Our first annual Great Strides Walk was this past Saturday and it went GREAT!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Not too hot...it was just right:)

Overall, our walk raised over $7,000!! Originally our Great Strides Event Planner, Erica, wanted us to set our goal at $5,000, but we said we could do $10,000! Well, we almost made it:) We still have until the end of Summer to collect money, so hopefully we will still hit our goal of $10,000! I think we will;-)

My team alone will have raised over $4,000 once I collect the pin-up money!! That's including $1,500 in grants from Kohl's from doing 2 CiCi fundraisers, and then we had 8 associates from Kohl's at our walk($500 for each event)! Plus, we hopefully will be bringing in more money from our professional photographer that was at our walk. He is with Federal Photo and he took LOTS of pics and has them on-line for people to order them. 100% of ALL orders from our walk pics will go towards a CURE for CF!!! Isn't that AWESOME...100%!!!!! He did a FANTASTIC JOB!! THANKS JEFF:-) If you would like to see the pics and order some, go to www.federalphoto.com.

My sister D drove 8 hours to come to our walk with her 3 kids...what a trooper and a great sis:) We had SO much fun when they were here, but now they are gone and we miss them:( But tonight my husbands sister and family is driving 8 hours to come visit us! They should be here really soon:)

Thanks again everyone who donated to help find a CURE for CF! My family GREATLY appreciates every cent;-) And THANKS to my team for walking for Lil' Chris...Barb N, Karen T, Kaitlyn, Stacie, Deb F, Katee R, Missy, Sean, D, C, E, R, Jeff. Thank you to Lil' Chris' old babysitter, Deb, who put a team of 4 together;-) She was the first person to actually put a team together for us:) Thanks Deb:) Lisa who contacted me through email b/c she saw my commercial also came with her hubby. Her step brother passed away from CF:( Thanks for coming Lisa and for donating:) So altogether, my team had about 18 people!! Pretty good for our first walk in Woo!! I'm not exactly sure how many people were there overall. It looked like about 50-75 maybe. There were a lot of kids which was great! The balloon guy was awesome! The kids had a blast with all his balloon animals! Pat Catan's(craft store) was there doing crafts with the kids which was great! The kids got to make visors to wear:)

There were only 3 things that didn't go exactly to plan...the fire truck and 5 pizza's from Papa John's never showed, and the Coromega samples didn't come in time. I think the fire truck wasn't there, b/c they said that they are on call so if there was an emergency they wouldn't be able to make it. In the beginning of the walk an ambulance went by with it's lights and siren on, so I'm guessing that the fire truck was headed in the same direction. But that's ok, we still had a great time without them all:)

Here are some pics of our 65 Rose Garden that a lot of my readers were curious about. Thank you to all my Rose Sponsors! You guys truly are amazing for helping out Lil' Chris with your VERY generous donation:) I think my team was the only team that had any Rose sponsors, so thank you again SOOOOO very much to .... my cousin Rob & Family, Al & Nancy, Christi & Dustin, my OBGYN(who was the first to utter the words Cystic Fibrosis to us), my Dad, and to all the stores who did pin-ups for us...3 CiCi's Pizza locations, Wooster AT&T, and of course Kohl's for 3 $500 grants;-)

I'll have the rest of the walk pics soon;-)



Katey said...

Congratulations on such an awesome walk!! I'm so proud of all you did and the inititative you took to make it all happen!!!!!! It's hard to do sometimes!! Definitely treat yourself to something nice!

Zoe Isabella said...

congrats on a great 1st year walk!!! :)
Awesome job! Lot's of hard work paid off.
Take care, hope Lil chris is doing good....

My Three Sons said...

What a great accomplishment! $7000.00 is a really great first time fundraiser!

CaprisCrusaders said...

I have a question for you, I also have a blog for my daughter Capri that has Cystic Fibrosis, www.capriscrusaders.blogspot.com, I have really tried to use it for people to make donations and I love on your blog that you have the button for them to click on that takes that right to your donation page. How did you do that, I have the link on mine but I want the button you have it makes it easy to find. We have set a $200,000 dollar goal so we are fundraising until dec 31st. When I read your comment about how you will be glad when the walk is over I totally related. It is a full time job to fundraise but is well worth it. You can email me at faulknicole@yahoo.com. Thanks.
Nicole Faulk