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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lots Going On & New CF Mom Blogger!

Lil' Chris LOVES his cell phones!!!
Yea I'm so excited our walk is this Saturday!!! It's been a lot of work, but Lil' Chris is well worth it:) But I'll admit, I'll be glad when it is over;-) I'll finally be able to relax! Hopefully next year will go a lot smoother. I'm sure the first year is always the hardest.
I'm also SO excited that my sister D and her kids are coming tomorrow!!! I can't wait!! This will be the first time her kids get to meet Ayla!! Her oldest daughter will be selling friendship bracelets at the walk:) I've been attempting to make some too:) I tried making some that say "Cure CF" in the middle, but they didn't turn out so great. Maybe my niece will be able to teach me how to do it better;-)

To update you on Lil' Chris, he hasn't been coughing as much as he was the other day. It's kinda weird...some days he will cough more than others. Is it allergies? I have no clue! We have his annual clinic appointment next month, so I will ask them what they think about allergies.

FYI...I met a new CF mom blogger:) I love meeting new CF parents!!! Please click here visit her blog and tell her Lil' Chris' mom sent you;-)

Also, please visit baby Ethan's mom's blog. It sounds like she was a having a bit of a rough day remembering her precious Ethan and wished he was still with us. My heart goes out to her.

On another note, the ground hog that lives under our shed gave birth to 2 baby groundhogs. They are cute, but not so cute that I want them in my backyard all the time! At least Lil' Chris gets a kick out of watching them run around and eat our grass. In this pic you can see the mommy and the 2 babies in the back eating our grass...

Phoenix got his VEST...YEA!!! I love hearing about CFers getting their vest! It does wonders for them!

I hope you have a GREAT DAY!!
PS. I'll try to take lots of pics at our walk this Sat. Please join us at 9am if you are in town:)


Katey said...

Baby groundhogs..how cool!! Praying all goes well with the walk this weekend. I know you have worked very hard!!

CFMama said...

I pray that your Great Strides walk is a success. Ours was successful despite the down pouring rain.

And yay for Pheonix, I am so anxious for Nathan to get his vest too, someday!

My Three Sons said...

Glad to hear that Chris is doing better. HOpefully the clinic can give you some answers. Carson's asthma has been horrible this year due to allergies.

Sending thoughts your way tomorrow. HOpe you all have a wonderful day.

Groettum Family said...

Hope your walk is a success!

Lovin Lane said...

Thank you so much for sending me new CF moms and friends... I really needed some.... it couldnt have come at a better time... Bless you... Excited to hear about your walk...

Graciy said...

you still amaze me at how awesome you are at great strides! If Josh was there he would be trying to catch a ground hog baby btw.