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Saturday, June 6, 2009


I can't believe my baby boy is 2 today!!! Where did the time go?!? I remember having him like it was yesterday:) It was the day all the fun began;-)

It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the last 2 years and all that the Lord has blessed us with. He has blessed us with not only Lil' Chris, but also our precious Ayla=) Most importantly, He has blessed us with Lil' Chris' ongoing good health. We can't thank the Lord enough for all that he has done for us and for Lil' Chris so far....
  • No hospitalizations
  • No nebulizors
  • No real bad bacteria growing in his lungs
  • No sinus problems
  • No breathing issues
  • No bowel problems
  • No horrible tests

Like I said, we can't thank the Lord enough!! We sure are grateful for 2 GREAT Healthy years!!! Here's to finding a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis and to MANY more GREAT years!!!





I hope you enjoy the header.

He is doing SOOOO much now!! He's counting, saying his letters, saying LOTS of words and sentences, repeating EVERYTHING, and loves playing with his toys, loves playing outside, and loves being tickled;-) Mommy loves to tickle him too;-) LOL He is so smart! The other day I gave him a hanger to hold and he said "Triangle?" I about fell over;-)

In this video he was counting and "cheesing it up" for the camera (in between burps...sorry about that;-)

Here are some other random pics from May and June...

I'll post his birthday pics from today soon, they are uploading right now. He got a pretty cool gift;-) We are going to celebrate his birthday for real at the end of the month when we visit family.


PS. Don't forget to read my last post about how you can help find a CURE!!


Katey said...

Happy Birthday lil Chris!!! I'm so glad the Lord has blessed you with good health!!! Thanks M for all you have done for me!!

I was a very healthy CF kid as well.....I hope lil Chris continues to do well!!! He is so precious...so is little Ayla!!!

The Liberto Family said...

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY! Wow Lil' Chris you are so big and doing a lot. Your friend Melissa is doing a lot of the same thing. We are so glad that you are doing so well with your CF. Keep up the good work!

The Liberto's

Phoenix's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Lil' Chris! Can't wait to read about another exciting year! Love the pic!

Auntie Steph said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL DUDE! I can't believe your 2!!!!
M- I love the montage! But because I wasn't there on Saturday, I missed all the fun and pictures! Could you send me some of the walk pictures, but especially of the 4 kids on the couch...how precious is that!!!!
God is good, and praise Him for another healthy year!!!
xoxoxoxoxo love 2 every1

CFMama said...

Happy Birthday! Thank God for 2 healthy years, and hopefully many more!

PS. Cute new header!

Zoe Isabella said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!!!!!!! Yeah!! Two is such a GREAT age! :)
I love his new pic also!

My Three Sons said...

Happy birthday Chris. I hope that he has a great day.