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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CF Clinic Visit 12/30/09 and Vest Hose Breaking

Look how big he is getting!!!

Thank you all so much for all your prayers. They definitely worked:)

To my surprise, Lil' Chris had a GREAT CF clinic visit today!!! YEA!!! After what happened on Monday, I really thought we were going to come on a nebulizer! But the doctor didn't even give him an antibiotic!! YEA!! He really is doing much better than he was on Monday. The doctor said he must have caught a virus or something. He may have even caught what I had and then what Ayla had...it just effected him differently. I remember being told from the first day he was diagnosed that just the common cold to us could mean a hospital stay for him. That is why I always carry my sanitizer at work, and why I wear my mask when I get sick.

I'm not sure what Lil' Chris weighed, I forgot to ask until the end, but we had to go b/c my hubby had to go to work right afterwards:( The doctor did say that his height was 36.5 inches and in the 56th percentile. His BMI was 54%, so I guess his weight must not have been too bad...YEA!!! They want CFers to be above 50%. His blood oxygen level was 97% and they like CFers to be above 96%, so that's good. The doctor said his lungs are as clear as a bell!!! I couldn't be more happy to hear those words;) He said overall, he is doing GREAT and that he doesn't want to change anything at this time:) YEA!!! Thank You Lord!!! He did say though, that if his cough gets worse than we should call and he will put him on an antibiotic right away. Our next clinic appt is in 3 months on March 31st. I'll let you know what the results of his throat culture is when I find out. Please pray that it comes back "normal".

Before the doctor came in, a lady came in to see how we are doing with the Vest. She asked a few questions and then I told her that one of the hoses has started to come apart. I barely got the words out of my mouth and she was saying that she would get new ones sent out right away! She said we don't have to worry about insurance covering it or anything. It's one of the perks to having the Vest...you can get anything replaced right away at no cost!! It's hard to explain how the hose started falling apart, so I took a lil' video of it...(CFers, let me know if this has ever happened to your Vest hoses too. There are no holes, just the rings started coming off)......


PS. Christmas pics are coming soon:) It took me 2 days to upload them all with my new 12.0 mega pixels camera;-) Now I just have to edit it and then I will post them.


Mary Boyer said...

Glad clinic went so well, and he is feeling better. Happy New Year!

My Three Sons said...

What a great way to end the year!! I'm so glad that Chris is doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for a great visit! Glad to hear his lungs are clear! Can't wait to see more pics, he's getting so big.

Oma & Opa said...

good news I can't believe how tall Chris is getting and how big Ayla is. Can't wait til Feb.
Lovin & missin you all