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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Updates on the Kiddos:)

Lil' Chris has been doing ok without his binky so far. We had a few rough times getting him to go down for a nap, but hopefully that will get better soon. What am I saying....it's been a NIGHTMARE!!!! Just kidding:) LOL Sometimes it can seem like that, but then other times he goes right down! He'll ask for his binky once, and then that's it!! He even did a GREAT job for the babysitter yesterday! He took a nap AND went to bed for her with hardly any problems! When he doesn't do good, he likes to play a game with us..."Potty! Potty!" Take him in there... "No potty." Put him back in bed..."Potty! Potty!" Take him in there..."No potty." He just keeps doing it over and over. He knows we are trying to potty train him, so I am hesitant to not put him on the potty when he says he has to go. This kid is just too smart!!! Any ideas for me before I go completely grey???? Or bald??? You know, before I pull all my hair out;-) LOL

In other news....he continues to do a GREAT job with potty training. We took the little potty out, so now he only uses the big potty. He still is not potty trained for nap and night time, but we'll get there eventually:)

I've been worried lately that Lil' Chris hasn't been eating enough. We have a CF clinic appt on the 30th and I don't want his weight to be down. We usually try to give him real food and then if he doesn't eat a lot, we give him some baby food. Well...I took him off of baby food for a few weeks and he lost THREE lbs!!! Food has always been a touchy subject when it came to Lil' Chris. We never tried to push or make him eat, b/c he will just gag and throw it up or we would be afraid of making eating time an unpleasant time. Eating is sooooo important for him that we didn't want to do that, but.....it has come to the point that nothing else is working, so we have no other choice but to be harder on him to eat the food that is put in front of him. If he won't eat it, we say "take 3 bites than you can have your yogurt." He always wants his Danimals or Go-Gurts. So far, we have been shocked that he will actually eat the 3 bites after a little bit of fighting. I figure that getting the food in his mouth will get him used to the taste and used to eating those kinds of foods. I'll keep you updated on how he progresses. Click here to see some weight gaining strategies if you need them too. Let me know if you have any ideas for me:)

Ayla has been crawling around EVERYWHERE!! She can even go side to side now and turn around:) She also can pull herself up on the couch so she is standing! Pretty soon she will be scooting herself around the couches:) Then she'll be walking and running ALL over!! She's so cute:) Oh yeah, she's been trying to climb the stairs!!! Won't be long now;)

She now says "night night" when she gets sleepy, claps when people clap on TV, claps when anyone says "Yea!", shakes her head "no" when someone says "no", shakes her head "yes" when someone says "yes", and is always standing up in her crib when we go in to get her;) She also has been eating so much more! She eats all the stage 3 foods and eats ALL the snacks that Lil' Chris eats! If I try to feed Lil' Chris something, she crawls over and starts whining until I give her some;-) Too funny! She eats it FASTER than him too! Even Chris and I can't eat something without her wanting some;-)

Ayla also likes to dance to music too;) Her brother definitely rubbed off on her;-)
PS. Do you like the new header pic??? More to come this month;-)


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Oma & Opa said...

Love the pic, my grandkids are sooo cute!!
I hope Lil Chris makes out ok at his CF visit. He is not unlike his dad in the eating area, as well as others, I had an horrible time getting hin to eat when he was Lil Chris' age.
Ayla is growing so fast.
Give my grandbabies lots of hugs & kisses for me.
Lots of love to you all.

holly said...

I found your blog through another CF one. We always had difficulties in the eating area also. Especially from 6months-three years. I know just how exhausting this can be. Just to give you some hope...after three years of wondering if my daughter would EVER have an appetite, she finally does! Lately my husband and I just stare at her in awe when she eats. I thought I'd never see this day. Good luck and hang in there!

Oma & Opa said...

Love the new header pic. It's nice to see you in the pic, M.
Lots of love to you all