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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3rd Antibiotic in Only 5 Months / Sprain Update

Guess what??? Lil' Chris is on ANOTHER antibiotic!! Apparently he can't go more than one month w/o an antibiotic anymore. He was on Augmentin in March, then Bactrim in May, and now Augmentin again. I've read about this happening to Lil' Chris' CF buddies, and now it is happening to him;( I can't help but see his future getting worse and worse as we knew it always would, but not this soon;( All we can do is just continue to pray for him and all CFers!! WE NEED THAT CURE NOW, NOT LATER, ok...we need it later too, but I would really prefer to have it now for MY child and CF friends;)!!!

Lil' Chris is doing better besides his bad cough now. He isn't asking to go to sleep all the time anymore and his nose isn't as stuffy as it was, so that's good. He still wants to sit with me all the time and watch TV...that may just be sympathy for my ankle though;) Too cute. This morning he kissed me foot to try to make it "all better", I LOVE this kid:)

My ankle is doing better. It is still all swollen and is now bruising all over, but I can at least walk on it a lot better than the first few days:) It's so embarrassing limping at work, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do for her family;) lol This pic actually looks A LOT better than before, the swelling has gone down quit a bit, but is still swollen!! You can see the bruising along the bottom...

Special thanks to our babysitter, Vicki, for coming at the last minute last Wed night at 10pm so that I could go to the ER! Thanks Vicki!!

The kids were really good while I was out of commission and Daddy was working. They just sat and watched TV...(well, most of the time;) Ayla has now mastered climbing up on the couch and getting down safely, so now that is all she wants to do;) lol

Lil' Chris even let me practice putting the ace bandage on his ankle;) When I was little girl, my Daddy taught me how to do "the braid", so I taught it to Lil' Chris;) Thanks Dad!! Who knew that would come in handy??? LOL =)

I forgot to tell you that I got Lil' Chris' throat culture back and he cultured Staphylococcus areus sensitive to Oxycillin(MSSA). This is a bacteria that he has grown before, so we were told to keep doing what we are doing and not to worry about it. It's hard not to worry about it when there is nothing I can do to make it go away! All I can do is pray that his next culture will be normal....normal....we haven't seen that in awhile;( His new CF dr wants to see him after the Augmentin in done, so hopefully he will culture normal then. He has to take this Augmentin for 14 days at 3ml 2 times a day. This is the first time that he has taken Augmentin for only 14 days. His old CF dr always made him do it for 21 days, so I guess only time will tell. I'm just glad that he likes the taste of it;) lol

My hubby's cold seems to be all gone, but Ayla and my nose are still running a little bit. We probably keep passing it back and forth to each other;)

I'll keep you updated,

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Auntie Steph said...

M, your ankle looks really bad...I think you should get that checked again!!!!! Love the picture of the kids on the couch, that's how the boys sit on the couch when watching TV, opposite sides! Keeping Lil' C in prayer!