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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sprain and CF Update

Well, today has been interesting!! My husband had to go to work today, so I was left alone to take care of my sprained ankle and our 2 wonderful lil' kiddos. Lil' Chris has been a big help by getting things for me when I ask him to...what a lil' sweetie pie:) Ayla has been good too by listening to me when I tell her "no, get down" or "no, don't touch". The hard part has been getting up to feed them or change them or put them down for naps and get them up or when Lil' Chris asks for something as soon as I sit down on the couch. I'm managing though and keep testing out my foot by putting more and more pressure on it. I definitely can't walk on it normally yet, which scares me b/c I HAVE to work tomorrow. I'm the only working that knows how to close down all 14 registers! I may have to use the store's wheelchair...LOL!! How embarrassing that would be!! It's a lot less embarrassing than if I were to bring in my Granny walker!! LOL!! I gotta say, that thing has come in handy though;) Thanks Honey!!

Poor Lil' Chris, he still has not been acting like himself today. He didn't throw up anymore yesterday, but he still didn't eat anything and kept acting tired. He is doing the same thing today, but he keeps complaining of a tummy ache. He is down for a nap right now, but all I keep hearing is him coughing. Poor thing. I guess it's time to call the CF clinic for another antibiotic. It feels like he just got done taking an antibiotic!!

I think Lil' Chris did catch our colds. I have noticed that the last couple of colds he has had have been kinda like this. I guess his mucus is getting thicker or something as he is getting older, b/c his nose doesn't run like a faucet like most people's do the first couple of days of a cold. His gets all stuffy and seems to run down the back of his throat. Poor guy;( It always seems to end with a cough too! Does any other CF mom's kids or adult CFers get like this too??? Please let me know.
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Barb said...

Hopefully they will be able to get some backup for you tomorrow at work. I can't imagine running around that whole store with a sprained ankle!

Auntie Steph said...

Oh M, I am so sorry about your sprained ankle!!!! But I have to tell ya, you certainly made me laugh talking about your granny walker!!!! hahaha! Too funny!
I hope everyone is feeling better!
Love & hugs to you all!

Oma & Opa said...

So I'm sitting in McDonalds down from the campground reading this blog. I had been told that you sprained your ankle and my first thought was how bad and then what the heck...are you in on this contest to see who can outdo Chris' many injuries? lol Nathan already has him beat by having 2 casts in less than 3 weeks. Take care of that ankle and give those kiddies lots of hugs & kisses for me. Tyler & I are going home tomorrow. Let me know what's going on with Lil Chris.
Lots of love to you all
PS...wish I was there to help