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Friday, September 10, 2010

CF Update / Inspiring Video / HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my HUBBY!!

Grab a tissue and watch this amazing, inspiring video...


Now for an update: Lil' Chris' stuffy nose is in deed a cold I believe. It's hard to ever tell with him, b/c his nose doesn't just run and run and run like Ayla's. Instead it just gets clogged in his nose and ends up dripping down his throat I think. I guess b/c of the CF, it is thicker and stickier...IDK. The way I knew it was a cold, was b/c Ayla caught it 2 days ago and her nose has been running and running. Today it is a little better, but she is just very cranky b/c she doesn't feel good. My poor babies;( So far noone else has caught it. Hopefully we don't so that we can be around Nathan in a couple of weeks. On our CF clinic visit this Wed, I'm going to ask if it is even okay for Lil' Chris to be around Nathan. I don't want Lil' Chris to hurt Nathan in any way or vice versa.

Unfortunately, I think I hear a cough coming on for Lil' Chris;( This usually happens after his colds, probably b/c of the dripping down the back of his throat. Fortunately we have clinic in a few days. He'll probably be put on ANOTHER antibiotic if it doesn't go away between now and then.

Lil' Chris asked me today where Oma's car was, so I said that she went to the airport b/c Opa is flying in for the weekend for Daddy's birthday. He said, "Ohhhhhhh yeah! She's gonna CATCH him!" LOL!! This kid cracks me up on a daily basis with some of the things he says;-) LOL!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my WONDERFUL HUSBAND!!!! I LOVE YOU HONEY!! Can't wait til you get home from your new job so we can celebrate!!! This kids bought you a present:) Wanna know what it is??? I'll give you a hint.....it's freezing!!! ;-)


Auntie Steph said...

Oh My Goodness...that video made me bawl!!! Of course, I had already been brought to tears at the Women Of Faith Conference!!!
Nathan has a mask like Lil Chris so even if he's not feeling up to par, they can wear their masks so they can at least see each other! :)
We love and miss you guys so much!!!

Oma & Opa said...

After the tears I can say "WOW!! What an inspirational video for everyone to watch!"
love love love