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Monday, September 6, 2010

Update on Everything:)

Just a quick update....

Lil' Chris woke up today with a stuffy nose;( Not sure if it is a cold or just allergies. We'll see tomorrow, I guess. Yea, I have off tomorrow!!! lol :)

I ordered new hoses again for his Vest and they came in like 2 days...LOVE the Hill Rom Vest Company!!! I can't believe how quiet it is again!! The rings were starting to come off on the old ones and it was making a lot of noise although I could never find a hole or anything. I guess that must be common with these, b/c that's what happened last time. I would get mad, but they send the new ones out so quick and for free!!
Here is a pic of Lil' Chris playing with his old hoses...he found out you could blow through them, and talk and listen like a phone;) The blowing part was good practice for when he will have to do PFT's someday. I was trying to get him to blow real hard and hold it for a long time. We'll see if it helps someday:)

Lil' Chris has a CF clinic appt coming up on the 15th, so please pray all goes well and that he gains weight. I'm kinda worried about his weight like usual.....the kid just WON'T EAT!!! Drives me NUTS!!! Ever since he was on that last antibiotic, he hasn't been drinking his scandishakes right down like he used to. So yeah, I'm a little worried about his weight. Plus, this will be the FIRST time I will have to take Lil' Chris to the clinic all by myself!! My husband and I always take him together, but this time he can't come b/c he has training for his new job.....yup, that's right....I said "new" job;-) I think this one is a keeper;-) One good thing is that it's nice that Oma can stay home with Ayla....she drives us nuts at clinic. LOL! It's a long day for anybody, especially a 1 1/2 year old.

As for my ankle, it is doing much better. The swelling has gone down quit a bit and is almost all gone, I think:) It still hurts going down steps and moving side to side, but it's getting there;-)

Nathan, Lil' Chris' cousin with Leukemia, is doing much better. He is up and running(kinda;) and is getting back to his good ol' self from what I hear:) That makes me happy. Can't wait to give him a BIG hug!!! Did you know that September is Leukemia Awareness month???? Show your support by wearing orange this month and by changing your profile pic on fb to something orange. I bought Lil' Chris an orange shirt, so as soon as I get a pic of him wearing it, I will change my profile pic and header pic:) We love you Nathan!!

The above pic is of the kids waiting for our boat to come to take us to Put-In-Bay. It's a really cool island...more pics coming soon:)

Thanks everyone for all your continued prayers,


Aspiemom said...

Hooray that Ayla doesn't have to go with you to clinic. I don't know how people do that when they are so long.

Good news about your ankle improving and your husband's new job. I hope it's a keeper!

Gemma said...

Hope the sniffles don't turn into a cold!

Love the pic of lil' chris with his vest hose :) Improvisation at its finest!

Lots of positive energy coming your way for the clinic appointment and really hope all goes well there.

Great news about your ankle and hubbys job.

Positive news about little Nathan too.

Take care all xxx

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for the new job!!! Love the pics, good idea with the hoses! Sending positive thoughts for CF clinic!!!

Auntie Steph said...

Praying that the sniffles don't turn into anything worse! Love and miss you guys! We're off to the clinic today for bloodwork. I'll let you know how it goes!