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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clinic Visit


Today was Lil' Chris' clinic visit. He goes every 3 months just like most CFers. This was the first time Daddy and Ayla didn't come with us;( Although we missed them, we still had a GREAT visit!! He wore his hospital mask from the parking lot to our room, and then in the hallway when he got his height and weight check, and then from the room to the car! What a BIG 3 year old, huh? He makes me more proud every time we go to clinic:) He did such a good job and was such a good boy the whole time, that I took him to Chuck E Cheeses as a reward:) He had a BLAST!! I LOVE watching him have fun and seeing his BIG smiles and hearing his cute lil' laughs:)

Here are some pics from our day....

His height and weight were good I guess, this new doctor didn't really say much. She didn't even tell me his percentages or BMI! I wish they would at least put it on the paper that they send us home with! Anyway, his weight last time(3 months ago) was 33 lbs and 2 ounces, this time it was 34 lbs and 5 ounces. So he DD have a gain...YEA!! Not sure how, since he doesn't eat much and hasn't been taking to the Scandishakes ever since the last time he was on an antibiotic! Last time his height was 38 1/2 and this time it was 39 1/4. Can't believe he is getting closer and closer to that 42 inches so he can go on the bigger rides;-) LOL! Next year will be so much fun!! :)

The doctor said that his lungs were CLEAR...YEA!!! I was a little worried, b/c he has a bad cough right now, but she did put him on another antibiotic;( I guess this is going to be the norm now...an antibiotic every other month;( That STINKS!!! But...at least he doesn't have to do any nebulizors yet...PRAISE THE LORD!! So he has to take 3.5 ml of Augmentin again for the next 14 days. I tried convincing her of doing the 21 days instead, to make sure the cough is gone b/c last time he was still coughing a little after the 14 days. She wouldn't go for it. I was told different doctors do different things. Our old dr. always did 21 days and this dr. always does 14 days, b/c the less time they are on antibiotics the better she says. I was told that to call at day 12 if he is still coughing and then she would prescribe another week. I guess we'll see how it goes and pray that his cough is gone by the 12th and doesn't turn into anything serious.

He got a throat culture done like usual and Lil' Chris did a GREAT JOB sitting on the table all by himself and he opened wide, stuck out his tongue, and said "Ahhhhh!" I was so proud of him!! The nurse got a great culture too...it had some yucky brown gunk on it. I've never seen that on his cultures before. I hope that isn't a bad sign. They told me they would let me know on Monday what the results are. They are going to tell me sooner than usual, b/c I told them that we are going to be around Li' Chris' cousin, Nathan who has Leukemia, next week. They said that if he cultures something bad, then he shouldn't go near Nathan, but if he cultures what he has been culturing lately, then he should be fine to go around Nathan as long as Nathan's white blood count isn't low. I asked if I could have some extra lil' kid masks just in case, so that the boys can at least see each other for a little bit. Please pray that Lil' Chris doesn't culture anything bad and that Nathan's white blood count is good and that Lil' Chris' cough goes away quickly.

A few weeks ago Lil' Chris started not wanting to take his chewable Vitamax. Vitamax is his CF vitamin. It consists mainly of vitamins A, D, E, and K. CFers bodies don't absorb these as much in the foods that they eat, so that is why they take some sort of this kind of supplement. I'm not sure why he suddenly started not wanting to take it, but I called the clinic and my favorite nurse sent us a couple of different liquid ones. He seemed to take to the Source CF one, so I told the doctor today and she gave us a prescription. It kinda stinks to go back to a liquid, but he NEEDS it.

Lastly, on our way out, we stopped by Kendall's room:) She is a fellow CFer about 15 months old in our area. I met her dad on Facebook and then I met her grandma in person at my Friendly's fundraiser earlier this year:) Today we got to meet Kendall herself, well almost, we got to see her for a minute and then they closed the door so they wouldn't share bacterias even though Lil' Chris was wearing his mask;) LOL! We did get to talk to her mom, Heather! She is super nice, they all are really great!! I wish our kids could have play dates, but CFer's shouldn't be within 3 feet of each other for risk of cross-contamination;( Maybe someday us parents can get together to chat though:)

Thanks everyone for checking in on Lil' Chris and for all your prayers. They are definitely working, so please keep them coming!!!

PS. Lil' Chris' cold seems to be gone...YEA!! Ayla's nose is still a little bit runny:(


Auntie Steph said...

So glad to hear about how Lil Chris is such a big boy!!!! I should take my camera to the clinic & get some pictures of Nathan. That's a good idea to just have! Chris is getting so big, and I'm glad to see that he is gaining weight!!!
I am sad at the thought that Lil Chris and Nathan may not be able to see each other! So we all need to pray hard, because they will be devasted if they can't play together! As will I :(
Hugs and kisses to both Chris and Ayla

Gemma said...

Sounds like a great visit then!

How well behaved is he! I'm soooo jealous :)

He looks so grown up! Love the new header picture :)

I'll keep everything crossed that he doesn't grow anything from his culture and that he can see Nathan.

Take care.


Oma & Opa said...

So proud of my bubby! Glad there was weight gain along with the inches in height. I am so praying that all my bubbies can play together next week! They don't get to be with each other but a few times a year so...I agree with Steph, it would be devastating if they had to stay away from each other. Skype is great but it's not the same as being there.