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Thursday, July 28, 2011

1st Time at VBS = 1st Time Away from Me;(

First time ever at VBS!! He is the lil' one in the red shirt in the middle trying to do the dances like everyone else;-)

Taking his pills before snack:)

VBS Friends :)

Well...we just dropped off Lil' Chris with complete strangers for the first time ever!! Ok, not complete strangers...our Awesome neighbor is one of his leaders, so that's cool:) THANK YOU CARRIE!!! He is doing VBS at the church right up the road tonight and tomorrow night. I have to admit, I was very nervous leaving him for the first time. If it was Ayla, I probably would've said "Here ya go, have fun!" and left, but with Lil' Chris...I don't know...things are just different for many reasons...

1. He has a fatal disease

2. He has to take pills every time he eats

3. He is allergic to soy protein

4. He has to be germ cautious (stay away from those that may be sick, which he doesn't understand yet)

5. I tried teaching him to cover his mouth with his arm instead of his hand when he coughs, so that he doesn't spread germs to others(not that they could catch CF, but he may cough more than others and some parents may get freaked out), and so that he isn't putting his dirty hands on his mouth either;)

6. It means he is growing up:'(

We stayed long enough to watch him take his pills at snack time all by himself with the watchful eye of his leader. HE DID A GREAT JOB!!! He knew where they were in his pocket, he knew how many to take, and he took them BEFORE he ate!!! I was SOOOO PROUD of him, that it brought a tear to my eye watching him from afar. He is getting so big!!

Sending him to VBS these couple of days is kinda practice for when I have to let him go this Fall for preschool. I thought this was hard...sheesh!!! LOL :) I think he'll be fine, it's me who will be a mess! LOL! He made friends real quick tonight! At snack time, the other kids were calling his name to go sit with them! So cute:)

After we left him there, it was like we were lost! We were like..."Ummmm, what should we do now?" LOL!!

I can't wait to hear all the stories when he gets home!!! :)
PS. Thank You Carrie for looking after him:)

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Auntie Steph said...

YAY! I'm so proud of you guys!!! I know that had to ba a hard decision!
OMG'ness, he's such a big boy, and he looks like he is having such a great time!