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Friday, July 1, 2011

CF Update / Update on us all:)

I thought I would give you a quick update on the family and Lil' Chris' cough...

  1. Lil' Chris' cough is all gone!!! YEA!!! Praise the Lord!! This is the 2nd time he has had a cough and didn't need an antibiotic to get rid of it!! I'm really glad he never caught our colds too:)

  2. Alya's cold has been gone and her cough too. Her new thing now is turning lights on and off...she is so proud of herself that she can reach them now;-) LOL

  3. My husbands cold has been gone too. He is doing well and started his new job last week.

  4. As for me, my cold has been gone too...sorry it's been so long that I've updated;) LOL! My back is all better too(it has been better for a while now...again, sorry for the lack of updates on myself;-) LOL! I've still been running everyday and I am up to 243 days in a row(except vacation days:) Woohoo!! It feels GREAT!!!

Since Lil' Chris turned 4 and learned how to unclip his vest buckles from his cousin R, I thought it was about time to teach him to put his Vest on all by himself. So now I tell him, if he wants to play Wii, then he has to put his Vest on all by himself and turn it on all by himself. Guess what?? He's done it a few times now!!! YEA!!! Gotta love the Wii;) The pic above is of him playing Wii Bowling after he put his Vest on all by himself!! He's getting to be such a big boy!!

I recently ordered him a new Vest, b/c the velcro on his other one kept coming undone. He used to take if off by undoing the velcro and stepping out of it, but now he can do the buckles. So now this new one should last us a long time:) Of course when I ordered the Vest, the hoses were fine, but the next day one of the hoses started coming apart...figures!! So I just ordered 2 new hoses too:) I can't complain though, that last pair of hoses lasted a pretty long time!

Yesterday he got his haircut AGAIN!! This kids hair grows sooooo fast!! He amazes me every time as to how still he sits and how he does everything the girl asks him to do. They always give him a ton of compliments:) That's my boy;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and a safe 4th of July!!


PS. Coming soon...Disney pics!!....Hopefully edited...but maybe not;-) LOL!!!!

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