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Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 2 of VBS / Recap of Day 1

After VBS yesterday at John's game:)

His pill box that he kept in his pocket yesterday and today:)

"Go Wild For God!!" Lil' Chris went over and put his head in all by himself:)

Day 2 of VBS...Jonathan, Lil' Chris, and Logan(I think;)

Today was Day 2 of VBS(Vacation Bible School) for Lil' Chris and the last day. He was so excited all day to go!! He had soooo much fun yesterday!! He did a GREAT job with his craft! Bonus was that it was a kazoo that they made into a Panda, and kazoo's are great for his lungs b/c he has to blow!!

So, I just dropped him off and guess what??? I left RIGHT away!!!!.... After taking a couple of pics of course;-) LOL! I was so proud of myself (so was my husband when I text him;)

After VBS yesterday, we asked him if he had fun and he said "YEAH!!" Then he said, "I missed Ayla;(" Then Ayla said, "I missed Ca's too;(" That's what she calls him now. It used to be Ca, but now she adds the "s" on it;) Too cute these kids!! He then said he missed all of us and wished we could've been there too. Love this kid!!

Then we asked him what his friends names were and he couldn't remember. I said is one of them Jonathan? He said "yeah" and then Ayla said "and Andrea??" LOL! She thought we were talking about John our neighbor, I guess:) Then we asked them if they wanted to go watch John play softball, and Lil' Chris goes in a deep loud voice, "OH YEAHHHHHH!!" over and over again;) I guess he really wanted to go!! :) LOL!!

Ayla has done really well not having her big brother around to play with!! I know it's only a couple of hours, but still. After we dropped him off yesterday, she said "Where's Ca's?" but then when we got home, she played so well all by herself...almost better than I've ever seen her play with her toys!! Amazing, isn't it? It's like she can finally enjoy all her toys without having to worry if Chris was going to try to take it from her;-) LOL!

I have to admit...it's kinda nice not having them fight over who's going to sit on my lap! With the 2 of them here, I can barely sit in the living room without them trying to race each other to sit on my lap first! Of course, then the other one starts crying...usually Ayla;) Without Lil' Chris here, I can sit down and Ayla just keeps on playing with all her toys! Kinda nice;)

Can't wait to hear his new stories tonight!!


PS. When he starts preschool, I just might have more time to blog again! YEA!! ;) lol


Auntie Steph said...

I love the picture of his 2 new friends! And that's great that he kept his pill box in his pocket! He's going to do awesome when he starts preschool!

Carrie's Cakes said...

He was great tonight:) He remembered to take his pills at snack time & was too cute during our game time (we used a parachute outside, running underneath, etc.) He had an offer to go to the preschool group- but he wanted to stay with his friends:) Such a sweetheart!!