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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vest for $50 / 8th CF Fundraiser this Monday 5-8p

Join us this Monday, 7/18, between 5-8pm at CiCi's Pizza in Wooster for our 8th fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis this year!!! There will be face painting and a raffle!!

See you there:)

For an update on Lil' Chris...he is still doing VERY well!! PTL!! He also has been doing a GREAT JOB putting his Vest on all by himself and turning on the machine too!! I haven't put his Vest on him since I last posted about it! YEA!! This probably doesn't seem like such a big deal to most of you, but trust me...IT IS!!!! It used to be a hassle every time! He was really bad about it, but it was still a pain. I would have to count to 3 and he would run and lay on the couch and pretend to sleep, I would sometimes have to drag him over to it, or even end up spanking him b/c he wouldn't listen;-( I HATED having to spank him to do his Vest, but I'm a firm believer that if they don't listen by the time I count to 3, then they get a spanking(don't worry, not a hard one;) I can't treat him differently b/c of his CF, I won't allow myself to.

So now I tell him to go pick out a Wii game and put his Vest on. I put the game on while he puts his Vest on...and PRESTO...NO FIGHTING!! I LOVE IT!! It makes life sooooo much easier!!! I tried to sneak it so he doesn't have to play Wii every time too, and the first time he said about 10 minutes AFTER the Vest was done..."Hey, I didn't play Wii!!" I told him "that's ok, you don't have to play Wii every time." Surprisingly he was ok with that;-) I'm so tricky;-0 LOL Now he plays Wii about half of the time I would say and it doesn't seem to bother him...YEA!!!

One time I offered to help him put his Vest on b/c he was getting all tangled up in the hoses and he said "I'LL DO IT!!" I said "OK", I think he likes being a responsible "big" boy who can put his Vest on all by himself now;) I don't even have to be in the room to make sure he does it too! I've been upstairs a few times and have yelled down for him to put his Vest on and ....next thing I know...I hear the machine running!! I AM SOOOOOO PROUD OF HIM!!! He's such a good boy!

Get this...the other day I bought the same exact Vest machine with hoses and all for only $50!!!!!! Yes, $50!!! I couldn't believe it!! They cost about $18,000! It only has 109 hours of use on it too, so it's practically brand new!! Lil' Chris is up to over 900 hours! It came with an adult XL Vest, so my guess is that he or she might have passed away and the family sold it or gave it to this yard sale type place. We are going to clean it REALLY good b/c of the risk of cross-contamination, and then leave it at my in-laws house for when he is over there sometimes. Who knows, in the future if he has a bad cough, he will need to do his Vest 3-4 times a day. $50 was well worth it!! I know of a few people on fb that are giving them away for free, but you would have to pay shipping. The shipping would probably be over $50 since is weighs over 30 lbs.

They originally had it priced at $500 and it sat there for a really long time, we first noticed it about 6 months ago. Then my MIL asked about it the other day and they said they would take $100 for it. She told me, so I went to look at it and I tried it all out to make sure it worked ok...all the while making sure Lil' Chris did not touch it. I couldn't believe it had everything and worked great and it even had extra stuff that I don't even know what it is, maybe nebulizer stuff?? IDK. It's sitting on top of it in the pic above. If anybody knows what it is, please let me know;) It also came with some thin clear hoses too that I'm guessing attaches to that silver thing.

So anyway, since it was like a yard sale type place I figured why not try to get it cheaper;) LOL! I was going to try $75, but then I figured why not try $50? To my surprise he took one look at my son, and said, "Since it's for the well being of your son, sure" and then he took the $50!! WOW!! I am VERY thankful he did, but I would have paid the $100 b/c it was so well worth it;-) Hehe! Don't tell him I said that;-) LOL! ;)


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Victoria's Mom said...

What an awesome deal!!!
And yes, the silver thing on top is a nebulizer.