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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Soooo Needed to Vent...Pseudo is back for 2nd time;(

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post. The kids and I have had fun playing with their new Christmas toys:) I can't get enough of these kids :)

Thank you to everyone who has still been checking in on the blog! We DID end up hitting 40,000 hits before the end of 2012!! WOOHOO!!!

Ayla's medicine worked and her cough went away, thank God!! Lil' Chris never caught it, PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He has been cough free!! Everyone here is well, no coughs and no colds...knock on wood;) The flu has been going around like crazy at work. Please pray that none of us get it, esp Lil' Chris. It could put him in the hospital.

We had a FANTASTIC Christmas, New Year, and even got to play in the snow and go sledding!!! I posted pics and video's on fb. One of these days I'll try to find some time to upload some video's on One True Media again:) It's just very time consuming since this laptop is so slow. I've started so many video's, but then gave up b/c I get too frustrated and I don't want to break a window by throwing my laptop thru it;p LOL

Lil' Chris got his ski's that he asked Santa for, and Ayla got her Minnie Mouse dressed in Christmas PJ's that she asked Santa for:) Too funny:) Lil' Chris also got a new 3DS XL and lots of games for it. He LOVES playing it and even tried to sneak it into bed with him Christmas night:) LOL Ayla got a new big girl bed!! She loves it b/c it has a slide and a lil' playhouse underneath:) Now she has a Minnie room:)

They also got their own tablet, so now maybe Mommy can actually touch her iPad;) LOL They both LOVE it!! Ayla calls it a tabalet:) LOL When she wakes up in the morning, she comes quietly into our room and grabs the tablet or iPad off the charger and then either goes in her room or goes downstairs and plays quietly til we all wake up:) She is such a good girl!!

As for a CF Update on Lil' Chris...at the end of December, we went to the CF clinic to get a throat culture to see if the Pseudomonas is still there after doing his first round of TOBI...well, did we have fun on that trip!!! First off, my husband couldn't get that day off, so I had to take the 2 of them all by myself and I HATE driving up there! Second, we were only 10 minutes away and Ayla decided to pee in her pants...yeah...sooooo much fun!!! So of course I have no extra clothes b/c she has been potty trained for over a year! So I call the clinic and tell them I'm going to be late. Then I pull over and search in the GPS(thank God I had a GPS!!) for the nearest Walmart. I start driving and then I see a Kohl's closer than the Walmart, so I go there. 

So after that, we start heading back and the GPS can't find the stinkin clinic!! It kept taking me in circles!! I had just about had it, if you can imagine! Finally I find it and we get there and have the appointment and get his culture. I honestly contemplated just turning around and going home once Ayla peed, but I didn't. It's a good thing, b/c I told the nurse that he has been getting tummy aches and that his stool was oily once. So she called in the dr and she felt his tummy and could feel something. So she upped his enzymes to 4 or 5 instead of 3 every time he eats. He has been on 3 for a long time, maybe since he was 2, so about 3 1/5 years. My husband and I figured that's what they were going to do, we almost just started upping it ourselves. So he now gets 4, but if it's lots of cheese or something, then he gets 5. So far, he has been doing better with that.

So Lil' Chris got his culture by a new guy I think, b/c I had never met him before. Then as we were leaving, we passed some workers in the hallway that had a huge cart of toys and they told the kids to pick whatever toy they wanted:) Their faces lit up!! Ayla got a dr doll and Lil' Chris got a batman toy. They also got coloring books and markers from our fav nurse at the CF clinic, so it turned into a better day after that:)

That is until.....I didn't hear from them about the results and when I called, I find out that they "threw away" his culture!!! I was livid!!! Esp after all we went thru to get there!!! So we had to make another appt to go all the way back up to the cf clinic to get ANOTHER throat culture! I asked again if we could just get it done at his pediatrician, but the nurse said no, that the clinic does it "different"...idk, whatever at this point. 

So we go to the cf clinic on January 2nd and get another throat culture. Of course Nurse P was there and did the culture herself. She came in our lil' tiny room and goes right up in Lil' Chris' face while he is sitting on the table or whatever you call it, and she proceeds to open the stuff to do the throat culture. THEN she goes over to the counter and starts putting her gloves on and says "I'm gonna put a mask on b/c I'm fighting a nasty cold." I about got up and smacked her!! She was JUST in Lil' Chris' face with NO mask and touching the stuff that was going into his MOUTH without gloves!!! I couldn't believe it!! 

So she does the culture, then what does she do....she takes the mask OFF and proceeds to talk to us about how she is calling a meeting b/c they threw away the last one and blah blah blah....Seriously lady??? The room is like 4 x 4 and your gonna stand there SICK and talk to us with our CF son?!?! I was so shocked I couldn't even talk! I just tried to pretend like I was putting his coat on and tried covering his head until she left. I WAS FUMING MAD!!! I told my husband that if he gets sick from her, I was going to let her and the clinic have it!! 

Fortunately he didn't get sick. But I have started a list of all these things to put on the survey that they make us fill out each year. I'll let them have it on there for sure!! And if something like this happens again...I will not hold my tongue!! I will ask to speak to the director pronto!! And can you believe that they didn't even offer to validate parking?? I would've said no, but the offer would've been nice since they made us drive all the way up there for ANOTHER culture b/c THEY threw it out by mistake! So fed up right now!

Now onto even worse news...we finally got his culture result back and unfortunately he cultured Pseudomonas again:( :( :( He will be on Cipro and TOBI again. Not really sure where to go from here, since I got this news on my Voicemail AGAIN!!!! Seriously thinking about switching CF clinics after all of this. I may make some phone calls on my next day off. Honestly...if it's something this important...CALL ME AT WORK!!!! This is 2 times in a row I have found out that he had Pseudomonas from my voicemail!! Unbelievable! So now I have to take my whole 1/2 hour lunch break at work to make phone calls to find out how to get the TOBI, b/c I guess they changed it starting this new year and we can't get it at CVS now. Also, I have lots of questions for the CF Clinic, as you can imagine. If they would've called me back right away today, I could've done this, but now I have to work the next 2 days, so it's going to be hard to get all this done!!! ARGGGGG!!!

Anyways, thanks for letting me vent. This 2nd culture of Pseudo is baffling me. Is it his new school?? I know his teachers are very good about sanitizing his hands often. They even wear the sanitizers on there hip like I do! Is is from the Pulmozyme?? This is something new we started this year, so maybe the Pulmozyme has something to do with it?? IDK. It could be anything I guess. I just pray that this 2nd round of TOBI and Cipro knock it out so he doesn't have to do it every other month.

The weird thing is...he's not even coughing! But I guess that doesn't mean that those bad bacterias aren't still lurking around in his lungs doing bad things. Please pray we figure this out and that it doesn't lead to worse things. His next clinic appt is Feb 20th.



jess said...

I am a believer in the... Pseudo is everywhere and there is no way to avoid getting it. I truly think even if they were living in a bubble, it would penetrate the bubble somehow, some way. Hang in there. It is great that he isnt symptomatic.

Barb said...

I'm so sorry about your bad experience at the clinic. I remember frustration with our docs when my kids were little but their situations were different of course. We don't speak up enough! If you ever need assistance going to the clinic I would be happy to go with you if I'm not stuck at work. And here's to knocking out the big bad Pseudo!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Thanks Jess and Barb! I appreciate the comments :)