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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lil' Chris' 3D Ultrasound (18 months ago)

To answer my sister's question... Yes, we did do a 3D ultrasound with Lil' Chris too. If you compare the pics above to the pics of his sister in the last post, you'll see what I was talking about when I said they look a lot alike:)

We weren't going to do the 3D ultrasound at first, b/c it was expensive. But then we decided to go ahead and do it anyways, b/c you never know. Meaning...we knew about the possibility of CF, what we didn't know was what could possibly happen if he was born with it. We wanted to see his face and have as many memories as possible. I guess that is why we had a 3D ultrasound for our baby girl too...the unknown of what is to come.

Since we waited so long to decide to have one with Lil' Chris, I was about 35 weeks pregnant when we finally did it. The best time to have one is around 30 weeks. He was so big at 35 weeks, that you couldn't see much other than his face, which kept getting buried in the placenta. He was not very cooperative either. He kept putting his hands in front of his face, maybe b/c there was not much room to do much else:) So, we actually had to go back for a second try(free of charge, thank God) to see him more clearly and hope that he would cooperate that time. He still kept hiding behind his hands, but it was still so beautiful seeing him. I can still remember seeing him do sucking motions with his mouth. They said he would probably be a thumb sucker. Thankfully he isn't, but he is a binky lover:)

I definitely recommend having a 3D ultrasound to anyone, CF possibility or not. It was well worth the money. We actually got a great discount for our second baby, b/c we went back to the same place!

Here are some tips if you are considering doing a 3D ultrasound:
1. Make sure you call early in your pregnancy to get an appointment at the right time.
2. Ask about the different packages they offer. Ours was a CD, a DVD, one sheet print out with 8 pics on it, and a keepsake page for their baby books. Back when we did Lil' Chris', we actually got a VHS tape too:)
3. Ask if there is anything you should do before the visit. They told me to make sure I drink lots of water to see the baby better, and to have a sugar drink 1/2 hour before the visit to wake the baby up.
4. Ask what happens if the baby doesn't cooperate. Do they do refunds, or come back and try again later, is it free to come back later, etc.
5. Call around to different places to see who gives the better deals.
6. Whatever you do, don't ask if they can detect any bowl obstruction. I already tried that one;)

Hope this helps somebody out there someday:)
Enjoy the slideshow and don't forget to compare them with his sisters in the last post:)
Do you think they look alike? Could you see him in every pic? Yeah, me neither. He was really squished in there:) But in some of them, you can see him so clear. It's amazing how they do it!


Alicia said...

I love that you posted Chris's for the comparison. I have a question. You mention that you knew the possibility of CF when you were pregnant w/Chris-does that mean you knew you were both carriers?

Alicia said...
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Chris lang said...

When Should You Get a 3D Ultrasound
Women often have at least two or three ultrasounds during the course of their pregnancy. It is best to get a 3D ultrasound between 24 weeks and 28 weeks gestation because the baby will be fully developed and have fat under their skin without being squished in the womb. After 30 weeks gestation the baby is difficult to take pictures of because they are too crowded in the womb. A baby at less than 20 weeks gestation doesn't have fat under their skin so it is difficult to see what their facial features will actually look like and open time : M-F 10am-8pm Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm. 4d ultrasound