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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ayla Pics & Video / CF Bracelets

Here are some pics and video of my sweet Ayla at 3 1/2 months old! She is growing more and more every day:( I can't believe she is ready for size 3 diapers and is growing out of her 3 months clothes:( Where did my baby go???? She's cute as a button though:) I put her in her first 6 months outfit tonight and it fit perfect! :(
She is starting to laugh more and more:) She loves to kick her lil' feet in her bouncy seat...well, pretty much anywhere she is;-) She is even grabbing her lil' toys that hang from her bouncy seat!! The other day I caught her checking herself out in the mirror...here we go!!! ;-) I see her teen years approaching too fast;-) lol In one of the videos she has the hiccups, so cute:) And can you believe that she has started rolling over!!! She can roll from her belly to back. When we go to get her in the morning, sometimes she is on her back:) I haven't caught her doing it yet;-)

This weekend my niece is selling string bracelets that she made and ALL the money is going towards a cure for her cousin Lil' Chris. Isn't that SOOOOO sweet of her?!? She does a wonderful job making bracelets!! She normally does all different colors, but she is making special CF ones...purple and white. Here is a pic of a couple of them...

If you would like to buy some, leave me a comment saying so or send me an email. All money goes towards a CURE for CF!!!

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Jen K. said...

I remember our bracelet making days :o) Great Idea!