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Friday, May 22, 2009

HELP!!! I Need Some Suggestions for our GS Walk!!

Does anybody have any good suggestions for some entertainment for our Great Strides Walk??? We don't have anything confirmed right now and our walk is only 3 weeks away! As of right now, we have a radio and maybe a clown. I want our walk to be fun and exciting so people will come back again next year! Any suggestions??

Today I went out fundraising for a couple of hours and I was able to get:
  1. 5 more pizzas donated by Domino's. Now all we need is another 5 pizzas and we will be set!
  2. I was also able to get a tray of cookies donated from Ryan's Restaurant. And Daniel's mom is going to make some too, I think!
  3. I was also able to get 8 bags of ice donated too for the water that I picked up today that I got donated the other day. Erica said she has a lot of water left over from the walks from last weekend, so we should be good on water now too!!
  4. I also got 2 Arby's coupons good for "One free combo meal" for our raffle! YEA!!

The only thing left is 5 more pizzas and some good entertainment and we will be set!! I'm SOOOOO excited and can't wait for our FIRST Wooster walk on June 13th!! I really owe it all to Nate! If it wasn't for him, I never would have known to call the cff to get a walk started in our town. So THANK YOU NATE and TRICIA!!!
PS. Please pray for Lil' Chris. Lately I have notice a little cough starting. I hope it's nothing and goes away quickly.


RunSickboyRun.com said...

Are there any local DJ's that you can contact?


Susanna said...

Hi M,

It's been forever since I've commented, but I still check on your blog every chance I get. And I've started checking out Ronnie's blog too. That has really caused me to think more about my kid's lives as they grow up (being 3 1/2 and almost 2 years old, I don't expect them to be out running miles now) BUT Our lifestyle needs to stay very active (tennis, running, hiking..., trampoline--is what they love to do right now) All that means I need to stay in GREAT shape myself, so I can push them like Mandi pushes Ronnie:)

Anyway, I was going to mention to you that our GS Walk at UNC Chapel Hill had a huge Inflated Jumping Gym and Slide type thing. The company to rent them from around here is a place called Space Walk. If you told them about CF and the importance of exercise in a CFers life...etc...maybe they'd donate time or at least give a good discount.

Hope Lil Chris' cough goes away. My girls have had quite a little time of it lately, but I think they are over the worst and on the mend now.

Happy Birthday to Lil Chris a little early:-)

Sincerely, Susanna
PS You have my info, if you ever need me I'm here.

Oma & Opa said...

Praying that Lil Chris' cough goes away on its own so he doesn't have to go on antibiotics.
As for the GS walk, are there any magicians in your area that would do a show at the end of the walk for the kids? If you find one and tell him/her it is for CF, maybe he/she would donate that to the cause. Washington Twp. walk is having the High School Marching Band kick off the walk and then they are having something at the ampitheater for kids, not sure what it is though. Face painting is another idea. I'll be praying for God to open some door(s) there for you.
Lots of love, hugs & kisses to all

christine said...

This year I was the chair of our great strides, we had a clown who donated his time before the walk started and made animal balloons for all the kids. After the walk we did food and the raffle, it was a really nice amount of time and people were happy. We had a DJ but the park where we did the walk had a noise ordinence that they did not tell us about until the DJ was there and set up so we were unable to use him.

Good Luck

Katey said...

Sorry I didn't comment on this post. I know it's probably too late now. I just haven't felt like it. You know I have TONS of info to give you. I'm glad you got the clowns. We've had clowns at several of our walks. We had 3 of them at our Birmingham walk. We set them up under a tent and they did stuff for the kids. The big hit was the balloon animals the clowns gave the kids.
The Home Depot Kids Corner is ALWAYS a big hit. The kids get to take home the craft they make and Home Depot also gives them little aprons they can write their names on. Home Depot does it for free for us. I know it may be too late for this year's walk...but definitely check into it.
We also have one of our local Baseball (minor league) bring their mascot. The kids absolutely love that.
We also had cheerleaders from a local high school come and teach little girls cheers. The little girls adore the cheerleaders.
We had a lady come and do what is called "crunk" fitness. She does it for free and the little kids (and big kids) absolutely love it.
Let's see....what else??? We have had the firetruck before....so I know that will be a really big hit. I would recommend having hand-sanitizer there for the kids to use or to give to the Moms to use. Solvay Pharmaceuticals donates hand-sanitizer to our cff chapter. So we we do (or did this year) was just set them out around the walk site and at the venues for the moms and participants to take. We also put them at the registration and food tables. As long as you got it approved by the National CFF Office (or your district office), it should be ok. Our firemen usually will hand out hats to the kids. Ask them if they can do that!
We aren't allowed to have the jumpy or inflatables....according to the walk guidelines for the patients. But it may differ between chapters. Just make sure you get stuff like that approved.
At one of our walks, we had a race care driver....which the boys love.
I'm sure I'm forgetting more....but here is some ideas (even if they are for next year's walk).
As far as food and donations go: Golden Flake donates to our walks, Crystal Springs donates water and Buds Best Cookies donates cookies. We usually also get donations from Coke...which will donate soft drinks AND waters or powerade (which is nice). Apply for gift cards or donations from Walmart or Sams. They usually follow through (but you need to do it early). Send out emails to follow walkers to see if they have contacts to get things donated. Jim N Nicks BBQ donated our lunch this year for 3 of our walks. If you can find a company that has multiple sites (restaurants, stores, etc.) that is great because they can donate to more than one of the state's walks. We have a team leader that has a contact that works at a gas station. So they always donate the ice.
Good luck and sorry I'm so late responding to this!! I know it will turn out great and you all will have a good time. It's a lot of work, but it is a very rewarding experience!!!

Katey said...

One more thing...sorry. Our cheerleaders that came made up a cheer about CF and they made one of those big signs that the football players run through at games. It had something like "Beat CF" and the kids ran through it.....it was awesome.

And yes...you definitely need some sort of music!! If you can't get a radio station......ask around for a band or even someone that plays a guitar and sings. This year we just had a high school boy play during lunchtime and it worked out great. Try not to have to pay for something because it can get expensive. This is one of the things you have to start on early....but the key is to ASK around. Ask local colleges...fraternities, etc. if a radio station is unavailable. If you can't get either, then at least bring several boom boxes and turn them to the same radio station so everyone can hear!!

CFHusband said...

Thank YOU!