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Friday, May 1, 2009

Refused to take Enzymes for the First Time

Ughhhhh...I had a rough night with Lil' Chris tonight. He refused to take his enzymes twice!!! I tried to feed it to him with applesauce like we used to the first time, but he just kept turning his head saying "No". Then my second attempt, I put them in his Applesauce and Ham baby food jar, he still refused to take them! I had to throw away 6 enzymes, b/c when we put them on top of his food, they get wet and therefore are no longer reusable. I didn't know what to do. I knew he was hungry, but he just would not take his enzymes! This is the first time he has done this.

He was crying for his milk, but I was hesitant to give it to him w/o his enzymes. I reluctantly gave in and gave him some. It was only 1/2 a cup, but it did have some cream in it to boost the calories. I really hope he doesn't get a belly ache from drinking it without having his enzymes first. Does anybody have any advice? What should I do when he won't take his enzymes? Will the milk bother him? If so, what will happen?

I need you CF moms out there!!! What did you do when your child didn't want to take their enzymes anymore???? Do you have any tips or tricks for me???

Please pray that this isn't going to be a daily thing.


Barb said...

Wow, this must be so frustrating for you. It sounds as if he is being a 2 year old!

I put links to your blog and to the Great Strides page on my needlework blog. I hope any information I gave was accurate.

Barb N. from work

Anonymous said...

I know this will sound crazy, and some people won't agree. But since Phoenix started taking it whole, I put it in my hand he takes it out, puts it in his mouth himself. Chews twice and I give him a bite of something and he swallows it. He loves it, thinks he's a big boy.

CFlover said...

M's mom always told me had hard of a time she had with M taking his so she would put them in new stuff like mashed potatoes, grits and when all else fails she would sprinkle them in pancake batter....
Good Luck!!

Katey said...

You know that the enzymes we "CF" patients take...they are supposed to last for 2 hours. So technically, you can take them after you eat, and you will still get the affect. If lil Chris refuses to take them before he eats...go ahead and feed him, then try again afterwards. Sometimes when I'm out with friends, etc., I'll forget to take them before I eat..but always make sure I take them afterwards.

My mom did applesauce when i was younger, until I started swallowing them whole.

Aunt D. said...

Don't get too frustrated kiddo. He's getting close to that 2 year mark & he'll be finding more ways to assert himself so you just have to take it one day at a time! Katey gave some good advice there about just giving it to him afterwards when he's maybe settled down a bit. Kiss those little cuties for me!!

Zoe Isabella said...

Man, that is frustrating, I know. If he won't take it in the applesauce, go ahead and try pudding or even icecream. I know we aren't supposed to use dairy, but it is better than him not taking them at all. Also, I have to disagree with a previous post, the enzymes are effective for about 45 min - 1 hour.
I hope he starts taking them again for you! Sometimes they just go through these 'stages'.
Take care,

daniel's mom said...

When Daniel was about that age, I calmly said no enzymes, no food, and went about my business. He only lasted about 20 minutes until he would take them. Rarely, he still tries this, but I stick to my guns (not always easy). At Clinic they told me not to get in the habit of hiding enzymes in other food because they will start refusing other foods. Plus, kids being kids, they will have you dancing around trying different foods. Also I have always been told that enzymes are only good for an hour. See you later today for our CF Walk meeting.

RunSickboyRun.com said...

I remember refusing to take my enzymes as a kid too. Trust me, it doesn't last long if you get stomach aches! Also, I wasn't aware that the enzymes were not effective if they got wet...Did you read that somewhere or did a doctor tell you that?

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm with daniel's mom. When my daughter refuses her enzymes, I just tell her enzymes first then she can have whatever food she wants more than her enzymes. We try to be firm. However, there have been times when we went ahead and fed her anyway... that's when we were 5 - 6 hours since the last time she ate anything.

The doctor at my Clinic said that they were good in the stomach for 45 - 60 min. And that they could sit in the applesauce (we're still doing sprinkled capsules) for a short while (15 minutes or so). Long enough to out last a short battle of wills.

Leslie said...

M- I also agree with Daniel's mom. We only had that happen once or twice with Ashley (probably around the age 2 like Lil Chris) and we also explained, no enzymes, no food. They are old enough to understand. Also, like others mentioned, our dietician said the enzymes are only good for about 45-60 minutes and she also said that they really need to be done before they eat. I also agree to keep it with applesauce so as not to confuse him or give him opportunity to decide what he wants them in (since it really needs to be acidic like applesauce). Have you tried the different flavored applesauces? It's nice to have a variety of flavors. Good luck! Hopefully it won't be an on going battle.