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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hey All!! Kellee wanted me to post this:

Hey, I need you to do me a mega huge favor!!!Please post on blogger explaining that I had to make my blog private due to stalker lady and I need all of my followers or anyone that wants to read to please e mail me letting me know.Kelleenicolejones@yahoo.com I also need your e mail address
I don't wanna lose my bloggy friends =(

I hope you email her, b/c she is a GREAT blogger and GREAT friend!!

Today at 11:30 me and 2 other CF moms are getting our pics taken for the newspaper!! YEA!! It looks a little cloudy right now, but hopefully it will clear up soon.

After I get done with the pics, then I plan on going out and doing some fundraising. I haven't done too much lately, b/c I wanted to spend time with Lil' Chris. I guess that is the hard part...I want to fundraise for him, but I feel like I'm missing out on my time with him!! I already feel like I don't see him enough with working full time and me and my hubby working opposites of each other! So lately, when we both happen to have off, I've just wanted to spend the time with them both. But then I feel guilty that I didn't take advantage when Chris was home and go out and fundraise:( It's so hard. But today I'm going to. I HAVE to!! I can't put it off any longer, b/c our walk is exactly one month from today! YEA!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you...I got 3 CiCi's Pizza locations to do Pin-ups for CF!! I talked to Erica(our GS event planner), and she said she was going to try to get all 11 of the CiCi's in this area to do them, since all the money will go to our walk and not all the different chapters. I haven't heard back, so I'm guessing that it's too late for this year. Next year I am definitely going to get a jump start on this and hopefully get all 11 stores to do them. They have been doing them for about a week now. I checked the Canton store, and they had 11 Pin-ups up, and the Massillon store had about 5 up. Then I checked the Wooster CiCi's(the one where we do our Dough Raisers) and to my surprise...THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY UP!! I was shocked!! This is my home town!! I brought them a flyer to put up to help raise money and the assistant manager acted like he had no idea what I was talking about!! HE was the one I gave the Pin-ups to!! He said he could put the flyer up on their community board. I was SO mad, b/c that is not what it was for and their community board is in the back by the bathrooms!!! I new I shoudn't have given those pin-ups to HIM that day, but the good manager wasn't there and I wanted to get them started! So hopefully when I go their today the good manager will be there. After all, HE was the one who got me started on doing the pin-ups. He was the one that suggested we do them in all 11 locations!! I will be SO mad if that assistant manager threw them away or never even told the manager about them!! They REALLY need to get a new assistant manager!! I've had problems with this guy before!

I'll let you know how I make out:)
PS. What do you think of the new header pic of Lil' Chris with the suitcases?? I forgot, I was going to put that one up a long time ago. I'll put up his 2 year pic on his 2nd birthday next month:)


Christy said...

Love the new header. Pics on an overcast day are perfect... much better than full sun.. as long as it doesn't rain of course. :)

Kellee said...

Thank you!!!!
Your splendid =)

RunSickboyRun.com said...

Great job on spreading awareness! Keep it up!!!!


Write From The Heart (Adori Graphics) said...

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PS my best friend at school had CF and I think a blog is a great idea of improving awareness :)