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Thursday, August 20, 2009

CF Update from Clinic Appt.


Yesterday we had a clinic appointment and it went GREAT!! We needed a good visit after our last one where his weight was down. This time he gained 2 whole lbs in only 1½ months!!! I couldn't believe it!!
His weight this time was 30 lbs!! Up 2 lbs, and his percentile was 61!! YEA!!! His height was 35 inches and his percentile was in the 50's. His BMI was like 43 last time and this time it was...... drum roll please..... 66%!!!! YEA!!! I think I was excited more than the dr. and he was pretty excited too;-) I guess it was well worth the almost $500 that we spent on all the high calorie food for him to try the last month and a half. His cute chubby cheek smile is worth ALL the money in the world;-)
His lungs still sound great and since he is doing so well, the dr. didn't change anything! Yea! His next appointment is in 3 months on Nov. 18th.
He did not get a throat culture this time, so Lil' Chris was happy about that. I think he is starting to realize that when we go to the clinic, they seem to always shove something down his throat and he HATES that. That's probably why when the dr. comes in the room now, he starts to freak out and doesn't want him to touch him. So maybe our next appointment will go better since they didn't give him a throat culture this time;) Hopefully anyways.
Ok, so all of that was in the morning and he was acting fine. Now onto his afternoon and night...he kept moaning and groaning and kept pointing to his belly saying "hurts". I thought maybe he was just constipated from all this confusion with the potty training, but it turns out he had an upset stomach:( He threw up about 3 or 4 times in 2 hours. Poor kid just clung to us and wouldn't let us out of his sight. He didn't have a fever or anything, so my guess is that he must have had something with soy protein in it. We've been trying to figure out what it was. The only thing that we can come up with is the Pro Cal pack that the dietitian gave us to add calories to his food. The packs didn't have any ingredients on it and she didn't give us the box. He only ate a little bit in some mashed potatoes the night before. The dietitian is ordering us all flavors of scandishakes, orange Resource Breeze juices, and some more of this Pro Cal. I guess when we get the box, we will find out if it has any soy protein in it. If so, we may have to give it away, b/c they don't take anything back.
BTW, he was all better by the time he woke up this morning;-)
I forgot to tell you the great news! We got approved for another year of BCMH(secondary health insurance for Lil' Chris). YEA!! BCMH used to pay for his formula and now they are providing his supplements too:) YEA!! Thank you Lord!
PS. My bottom front tooth broke today:( Luckily it was the back side of it that came off so you can't even tell. I'm sure if I don't get it fixed soon that the front of it will chip off too now that it is so thin:( Just my luck! Oh well.


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

That's great news!!!!! Good job on being an awesome (CF) momma!


charm said...

Yeah Lil Chris - great job on weight gain....whoop whooop!! lol...M, glad all is going well. Just a quicky, Alice of livinglifebreathlessly boarded the plane to go to the Transplant Games....A CFer doing us proud...Go Alice.....otherwise all well this side..hugs and love to all.charm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx