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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 7 of Potty Training/Clinic Tomorrow/Ayla Pics

I can't believe it! Lil' Chris went #2 on the potty today!! I think I was more excited then him!

We were thinking of giving up b/c it seemed like he was not getting it. Maybe he is now! Hopefully:) Although he did pee all over the couch today:( We have decided to continue until the 24th. That's when we will be needing a babysitter more, b/c my hubby starts his new job then. I feel bad having the babysitter clean up pee and poo. If he is doing much better with it at that point then we will continue with it, but if he still is not getting it then we may hold off until he starts showing some signs that he is ready. We started this whole potty training without him really even showing any interest, so maybe that is why we are having such a hard time:( Although it has only been one week!

Tomorrow we have a CF clinic appointment. I really really really hope his weight is back up. He is not sick this time and he has been eating much better, so hopefully we'll get good news. I really hope that he stands on the scale by himself this time too. Last time he refused. I think it scared him b/c it was his first time on the big scale. My hubby had to hold him on it and then they subtracted his weight to find out what Lil' Chris weighed. Not the best method I think. That's probably another reason why his weight was so bad last time. We've been practicing standing on our scale at home, so hopefully he'll do it this time all by himself:)

Our dietitian brought us some more supplement samples to try this weekend. We tried the Scandishake in Vanilla, b/c that was all she had but it comes in chocolate and strawberry too. The first time he drank about 6 oz.!!! I was SO excited! I thought that maybe we found something that he likes and scandishakes are awesome b/c they are 600 calories for just 8 oz.! But today when I tried it for the second time, he only drank maybe 2 oz. and then kept pushing it away:( Then I tried the Resource Boost Breeze juice box that she gave us. Yeah, he definitely didn't like that one. He only took 1 or 2 sips. I think he just doesn't like that flavor that she gave us, it was Wild Berry. I think he might take to the Orange better. I'm going to try to get some different samples to try tomorrow if they have any. I'd hate to order a week or months worth and him not drink any of it. She also gave us Pro Cal packs. They are packets of powder that you can add to certain foods like mashed potatoes or pudding and it just adds extra calories, but doesn't change the taste of the food. We are going to try that tonight to see if he'll take it.

I'll update you tomorrow on how our clinic appointment goes.

Ayla has had some first this week:) We finally dug out Lil' Chris' old exersaucer for her to play with:) She LOVED it!! She was checking out everything! Today she sat in Lil' Chris' high chair for the first time! I couldn't believe how she sat like such a big girl! I usually feed her in her bouncy seat, but I guess we don't need that anymore:) Speaking of feeding....it finally clicked for her! She doesn't spit her rice cereal out at me anymore! YEA!! She eats it right down now and so quick too;-) She is close to sitting up on her own now too, I think. Pretty soon:)

This is my favorite bib that Nancy made for her. It's a cute lil' bear with roses above it's head and it says "Ayla" underneath. So cute! She also has a burp cloth to match it:) If you want the BEST bibs EVER too, visit http://giftsbynancy.blogspot.com/

So tell me....when did my baby grow up??????? It's not fair, can't they stay little forever??? ;(


Auntie Steph said...

M, I'm still saying "when did my baby grow up??????? It's not fair, can't they stay little forever??? ;(" and my baby will turn 3 the end of September :(
Sorry, I have no advice on the potty training...hehehe...Lincoln is as stubborn as I don't know what (although he did go half the day today with no accidents and he wanted to go to bed with his underwear instead of his pullup...we did both pullup and underwear)
I can't believe how big Ayla is getting...she looks super cute sitting in the big chair!
Love the pictures!
Give my niece and nephew big hugs and kisses from Aunt Steph, and Uncle Greg

Katey said...

Ayla is so precious!!!

Praying clinic goes well for lil Chris...that he stands on the scale by himself and has gained some weight!!!

Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

Oh my, I can't believe how big she is getting!!

Good luck at Clinic!!

charm said...

Hi M, wow Ayla is gorgeous - looks just like you.....glad that Lil Chris is doing well - before you know it he will be using the potty more and more.....perserverance darling perserverance....lol...big hugs and love always charm xxxxx