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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 2 of Potty Training

Well day 2 didn't go nearly as bad as day 1 thankfully! Today he went THREE times on the potty!!!! I couldn't believe it! After yesterday I thought he was never going to get the gist of it! Today I tried something a little different which seemed to work pretty good;-) Thanks everybody for all your advice and keep 'em comin;-)

He had 5 accidents today (that I can count from all his dirty undies;-) I think at one point I just let him run around with no undies, so there could have been more accidents;-) LOL I figured...he's just going to dirty them, so why not?!!! Plus, he had an accident b/c he couldn't get his undies down fast enough. We need to work on that a little bit more;)

Anyway, I feel like we are getting somewhere, b/c when he was having his last accident, he looked up at me and said "Uh oh" with a worried look on his cute lil' face:) I couldn't help but smile and laugh...even though that was his biggest accident of the day and it was on my hardwood kitchen floors! I was just glad that he was finally starting to realize that he was supposed to pee in the potty and not his undies. YEA a breakthrough!!!

Hopefully tomorrow will go even better;-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, progress! Keep up the work Lil' Chris!(And Mom!)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I need help! How do you get the share button at the bottom of your posts?