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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 1 of Potty Training!

Guess what we started today??? We started potty training Lil' Chris!! So far it's not going so well. He had 7 accidents today and didn't go on the potty ONCE!! Hopefully tomorrow goes much better. I'll keep you updated:) If anybody has any good advice, I'd love to hear it! =)

Ayla is getting SO big!! She unfortunately likes to spit her rice cereal all over me though:( But I can't stop laughing, b/c it's so cute:) Did I tell you that she is rolling over front to back and back to front now? She has been for a few weeks now. She is even starting to craw a little bit to get to her toys;-) It won't be long now;-0

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Lovin Lane said...

The ol potty training.... Fun... Sink the cheerios always fun... treasure box with cheap little toys (since you have to buy alot) Lane wanted to go potty 50 times aday... we started out when he tried, then he actually had to pee, then he had to pee all day.. so forth.. What a mile stone.. we have four so, I think we did something different with each, cuz they are all different... Good luck... How exciting..

The Liberto Family said...

Hang in there. Melissa had at least 14 accidents her first day. Just keep telling him that he needs to go pee in the potty. Stay by his side for the next three days. Don't let him out of your sight. He is learning what it feels like to have his underware wet. Praise him for going in the potty. He will love all the praise you give him. You might what to try giving him stickers when he does go on the potty. Don't tell him you will give him a sticker when you go potty. Do it after he has gone. Good luck. It will get better.