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Monday, March 29, 2010

500 Hours on the Vest!!!

Lil' Chris started his Vest when he was just 11 months old(3 months younger than what Ayla is right now...hard to believe he was that little and doing his Vest). My hubby dug up some old pics of the first time Lil' Chris did his Vest. He looks so little!! Where did the time go???? Now, 22 months later...he has been sitting like a good lil' boy(most of the time;) for over 500 HOURS!!! I give him A LOT of credit for all that he does for such a lil' dude!!

Here is a montage of some lil' fun photo sessions we've had;)

  1. His first time using the Vest at home(the instructor was actually there teaching us how to use it, but I didn't get a pic of her;)
  2. Me trying to get a good pic for 2010 fundraising. Don't worry, he didn't get hurt falling off the machine;)
  3. Lil' Chris, Mommy, and Daddy having fun during a night Vest treatment(I like to tickle him when he is on his Vest...he just LOVES it;) lol He had sooooo much fun taking Mommy and Daddy's pic!! ;)
  4. Video of him doing his Vest yesterday while eating a Go-Gurt and standing on one hose;) He loves to snack while he is doing his vest. We were going to try to put video of him doing his Vest on the commercial, but couldn't figure it out...maybe next year:)

Have a great day! Don't forget to keep Eva's family in your prayers.

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CFMama said...

Cute photos..Love the video of him at the end. I imagine Nathan will be sitting on his own soon enough.