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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rachael Update/Link to Become an Organ Donor

For an update on how Rachael is doing post transplant, click here. Please keep her in your prayers. She has had a set back, but that is common so close to transplant. To be clear, Rachael does not have CF, but she does have a rare lung disease which is close to CF. As I have mentioned before, a double lung transplant is the last resort for CFers and others with rare lung diseases.


Click Here to find out more about how to become an organ donor in your state and how to ensure your wishes are carried out upon your death. If you decide to be a donor or already are, Click Here to send a family/friend notification card. For those who know my email address, please let me know (or send me a notification card) if you made the decision to become a donor.


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