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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Recipe/Bath Toys Carrying Germs

First off, click here for an AMAZING recipe for some Blueberry Crumb Bars! I can't wait to make them! They look delicious! Some good calories for Lil' Chris...that is IF he would eat them. If not...then more for Mommy;-) lol

Second, do you ever wonder how clean your kids bath toys really are??? Well, watch the video on this other site(I tried to post the video here, but it kept going to the current date clip, sorry)...Click here to watch it, find out more info, if they have PVC in them, and how to clean the toys properly. Also, click here to check out some awesome bath toys that don't have the little holes for mold and mildew to collect, they are called Boon toys. I just might have to get some for Lil' Chris' birthday coming up in June:) With Lil' Chris having CF, I always wondered if the toys that squirt collected mold and mildew, apparently they do! I will be throwing away some of his bath toys, b/c it's not worth the risk of having these bad germs and bacteria around him!! It could mean BAD news for him, for Ayla it may not effect her, but it's still not worth the risk.

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65 Roses for Marcia said...

My sister made those blueberry crumb bars and they were delicious...BUT we would add more sugar next time (more calories for Lil Chris) and also a tad less cornstarch.