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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Successful CiCi's Fundraiser:)

Thank you everyone who came out to enjoy some great food for a GREAT cause at CiCi's tonight:) I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!
Special thanks to my awesome Kohl's associates that came out to help so we could get a $500 grant from Kohl's. Thank You...
Stacey A.
Casey C.
Beth Z.
Also, special thanks to Alma, another CF mom in Wooster, who came out with her family and who spread the word on facebook:) Thanks Alma!!
Thank you Stacey and Beth who spread the word also and had family and friends come out to support CF:) Thank You Stacey for spreading the word on Facebook too:)
Also, a special thanks to my Culligan's water sponsor for our walk who came to CiCi's tonight with his family:) Thank You, Jason(I think that's what his name is;) He is super nice! He was the first sponsor to ever tell me to save his phone number and give him a call for next years walk too!! His whole family is really nice. I first met them at one of my CiCi's fundraiser LAST year!! I just happened to see his wife at Kohl's earlier today and I recognized her and told her we were doing it again, so they came. As I was talking to them while they were eating, Jason asked me what my name was and then said that he talked to me on the phone the other day for Culligan's. I had no clue that was him!! Small world:)
I met so many nice people tonight!! I even had a girl donate AFTER I had everything packed up and put away!! It was soooo nice of them to donate even though the raffle had already been pulled:) Thank You:)
The winner of the raffle was a girl named Danielle, but when I tried calling the phone number there was no answer and no voicemail. I'll try again tomorrow. She won a basket full of Bath & Body Works products which my friend from work got her friend who it the manager there to donate them:) She is super nice to do that:) Thank You girls:)
I won't find out for another week or so how much we raised in the percentage from the receipts, but I can tell you that we did raise $135 in tips, donations, and raffle!! Also, we had our 5 Kohl's associated, so that means that we will get a $500 grant from Kohl's!! YEA!!! Overall, we had a great night and had a lot of fun:)
Our next CiCi's fundraisers are on April 22nd and May 27th from 4pm-8pm again at the Wooster CiCi's. Hope to see you there:)
PS. Did I forget to mention that it snowed again on my fundraiser?!? Yup...snow on every CiCi's fundraiser so far...unbelievable!!!

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