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Friday, October 7, 2011

Keep Praying for Chaia / Lil' Chris Update

I can't stop thinking and praying for sweet baby Chaia....

My heart goes out to Shaina and Ben. Why does bad stuff always happen to good people???

Thank you to those who put Chaia's picture as your profile pic on Facebook yesterday:) Ben was right...Facebook never looked so cute:) If you missed it, the pic is above:)

Her big test, PET scan, that was going to be done yesterday got moved to today. Now it's just waiting for the results....sometimes that's the hardest part, other than watching your child suffer. This disease that she has hits a little home for me, especially since it's a genetic disease. Lil' Chris' Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease too.

Here is the link to Ben's blog again... www.mustardrevolution.blogspot.com

I also added a link to his blog on my side bar. It is at the top right of this blog below the header pic. You can see if there is a new post, or you can always click that link to get the latest updates on Chaia.

As for Lil' Chris, his antibiotic has been done for a little while now, but he still coughs every now and then. I'm praying it will go away on it's own. He is loving school (other than having to be woken up in the morning;) and he got invited to his first classmate birthday party!! YEA!!! He was very excited, esp since the invite was an Iron Man card...he apparently loves Iron Man right now;-) LOL

Thanks for all the prayers for Chaia and Lil' Chris,

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