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Friday, October 21, 2011

Lil' Chris' 1st Field Trip!!!

Today Lil' Chris had his 1st field trip!!! YEA!! It was at Ramseyers Farm!! We usually go there every year on my hubby's birthday, but this year we didn't so I'm glad I got to take the kids there on this field trip:) Since we had been there before and we knew what the weather was going to be like, rainy and cold, I knew how to dress them....warm clothes (long johns included), and pants and shoes that I didn't mind getting all muddy;-) Oh, AND break out the winter coats;) I had to take the tags off of Ayla's new coat! I didn't realize til the end that one small round tag was still on her hood;-) LOL!!! That made me laugh, and I had to laugh when Lil' Chris was trying so hard to buckle his Vest this morning, but he couldn't b/c of all the layers of clothes;-) LOL

The first thing they got to do was go on a hayride:) This was Lil' Chris and Ayla's 1st hayride!! They loved it! They got to sit on barrels of hay and see all the millions of pumpkins in the fields. Ya know...they don't do hayrides like the old days! I remember hay just thrown down and we had to sit on that and all the kids would throw it and it would get all over you! This hayride was nothing like that, but it was still a lot of fun and no sneezing and itchy eyes:)!!

After that, they got to play with all the fun different things they had and got to see the animals. We tried to feed the goats and get them to walk up the ramp to the food, but they were too busy eating hay. Those who have been there know what I'm talking about;) One of the fun stations was a bunch of pans and spoons to hit them to make music. Mommy had fun reading the paper and playing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" on them;-) LOL What?? It was fun;-) LOL

Then we all went into the big white barn and learned all about what grows on a farm! We learned how to plant seeds to grow pumpkins, how to make popcorn with a popcorn cob, how potatoes grow, and how to make potato chips!! They even got to try to eat a few freshly made potato chips!! It was pretty neat!! "White chips," as Lil' Chris calls them, are his favorite;-) LOL

That was the last activity and then we all went in the big red barn, had a snack, got our pumpkin and potato, and then walked through the very muddy parking lot. I took their muddy shoes off before entering my nice clean van, and that was it!! It was a little cold and it sprinkled at one point, but overall it was pretty fun!! Ayla was so cute...she kept her lil' hands in her coat pocket the whole time;) I look forward to all their future field trips:)

Check out some pics from today below...As I was watching this video with Lil' Chris after I edited it, Lil' Chris said..."I didn't take my pills with snack today!" He's got a good memory;-) LOL I didn't bring his pills with me, b/c I figured they wouldn't be having snack since it was only 1-1 1/2 hours long, but I was wrong. lol I just gave them to him afterwards since they had snack right before we left. If they would've had snack earlier, I would've just had to run to my van real quick;)

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