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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Future CF Story / When the Light Meets the Dark / Pray for Chaia

Sweet baby Chaia, and Ben and Shaina really need our prayers!! Today(Wed) is a big day. They may have to let her go. Click here to hear it straight from Ben, he talks about it at the end of his video.

He has a great message in his video too. I know I fell into one of the groups that he was talking about, b/c on this very blog I said "Why do bad things always happen to good people?" I know it's not biblical in my heart and my knowledge of the Bible, but it's usually the first thing that comes to my mind for some reason. We live in a world thinking that if we live a good Christian life and are good people, than nothing bad will ever happen to us. That's not at all true! Like Ben said...Faith leads to Salvation, which leads to Trials, which leads to Worship. There will always be trials...some small, some big. It's what we do and how we handle those trials that makes the difference. Some Christians get derailed, some come out an even stronger Christian than ever before!

Ever since I first heard about what was happening with Chaia and I saw how Ben and Shaina are not staggering in their faith but are becoming stronger even as their only child possibly faces death, there is just one song that comes to my mind. Every time I hear it, I think of them. It's by a Christian band called Tenth Avenue North, and the song is called Healing Begins. Click below and read the words, it's truly amazing...

"Now you come to where you're broken within...the light meets the dark." To me, I interpret this as when something bad happens to us or someone close to us like death of a family member or a diagnosis of your child who may face death soon or later... you may feel "broken within." You're heart breaks so to speak. This bad thing is the "dark" which could easily get us down or overcome us if we let it. It's like were are traveling in the light and then BAM all of a sudden we meet the dark. Are we going to let the darkness overcome us? Or are we going to let our light shine even brighter? Are we going to let God's Will be done whether it's the outcome we want or not?? This is very hard to put into words and maybe I'm not making any sense, but it's been on my mind so much lately that I wanted to try to put it into words. To me, Ben and Shaina are letting their light shine through this dark time. They are standing FIRM in their faith in God and are bringing people closer to Christ even in their darkest time. Now that's what I call a true Christian!!

So I ask you...when your light meets the dark, how do you react, or how are you going to react??

The dark for me was when my son was diagnosed at 2 weeks old and we were told that he will be in and out of the hospital and has a 50% chance of living to age 37. That was a very dark day for me and it still is every day just knowing this fact. But I don't let it get me down. I never really was one to question "why" God did this to our family. I know that if I didn't have God in my life, I would be an absolute mess!! I'm VERY thankful that my parents raised me in a Christian home and went to church every week and even sent me to a Christian school all my school days!! (Thanks Mom and Dad, you're the best:) Along the way, I learned not to question God. He has a reason for everything He does in our lives. This is His Will. The question is...what am I going to do with it, or what is Lil' Chris going to do with it as he gets older?? It doesn't even have to be me or Lil' Chris, it could be Ayla or my husband or a complete stranger that heard of Lil' Chris' story that may carry out God's Will! Only time will tell.

I always say "Everything happens for a reason and only time will tell what that reason is." Did something in your life ever happen and you think "Why, what, huh??" and then years later you go "Ohhhhh, that's why!" For example, my husband and I moved 2 weeks after our honeymoon 8 hours away from both of our families. "Why, what, huh??" Then 4 years later, Lil' Chris was born and diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and we found out CF is VERY expensive. Guess what?? This state that we just happen to move to covers EVERYTHING!! "Ohhhhhhh, that's why!!" I thank God He moved us here! I look forward to fulfilling His Will in whatever way He wants me to...whether it be here on this blog, talking to others at my CF fundraisers, or just anybody I know, or even a complete stranger! I believe he put Cystic Fibrosis in our lives for a reason...so we could fulfill His Will. I actually feel honored that God would put His trust and faith in us to fulfill His Will, and whether the outcome of our CF story is what we want or not, I pray that we all SHINE THROUGH THE DARKNESS!!

Some may think I'm crazy and that I shouldn't be writing this in my blog, but different scenarios have played out in my mind for a long time now. All different ways that God's Will may be filled through our CF story...
1. I picture myself standing in front of a crowd, maybe a church or school or something, and I tell the story of Lil' Chris. How he was a Great Christian and even though he had a lot of dark times, he still shined through them by telling others about how great God is and by praising Him all the way up until his dying day. I know, I know...that's awful to think about, but for some reason I do. Maybe this will be God's Will?? Maybe He is preparing me?? I don't know. I pray it's not and that Lil' Chris lives a long and happy, "healthy" life.

2. Ayla doing the same as me in scenario one. (I can't really see my husband standing and speaking in front of a crowd, sorry Honey;) lol! Ya never know tho, maybe you'll shock me someday:)

3. Lil' Chris himself speaking in front of a crowd as a fine handsome gentleman in his 20's, 30's, 40's and older, telling of his hard CF story and how even though he hurt and had a hard life, he never once questioned God, but yet praised Him through all his dark times.

4. The best of all....Lil' Chris traveling the world telling of his "miracle" CF story!! How God chose him to be completely healed and go and tell others of God's healing and bring others to Christ through him and his "miracle" CF story!! I LOVE this one, even though I would miss my baby traveling around the world, but if it meant no more pain and suffering for my son, I wouldn't mind...thank God for Skype;-) ....or if he would let me, I would travel with him;-)

So do you think I'm crazy for thinking these things?? I don't know...I've just always felt that God has something GREAT in store for our family! I feel that I give a little testimony every time someone asks me about Lil' Chris or if I tell someone about Lil' Chris and his CF. I tell them of all the bad/dark things and then I always end with how great Lil' Chris is doing and how thankful we are to God! WE LET GOD'S LIGHT SHINE THOUGH OUR DARKNESS!!!! I challenge you to do the same:)

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest:)
PS. Lil' Chris is 4 years old and has not been in the hospital once, even though the doctors expected him to be at least once each year. Also, he has not needed any nebulizor's or breathing treatments, which is truly AMAZING! God is GREAT!! He is able to perform a miracle and heal Lil' Chris completely of his Cystic Fibrosis!! Lil' Chris has a lot of people all over praying for a miracle for him. Thank you all for your prayers and please keep them coming. If you could do me a favor and ask for a miracle for Chaia too, that would be fantastic:) Both Chaia and Lil' Chris are already "miracles" in my book;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mich, you have said and thought every word that all CF parents have done, and played the scenarios that I have a million times over. As you know my girlie, Carmen, turned 30 this month and she wasnt supposed to live past the age of 7, still going *strong* and has travelled all over, she is now living in New Zealand, lived in the UK for about 6 years, has been to Switzerland, Poland, travelled through France, etc, because she believes, keeps up her physio, takes her meds and looks after herself to the best of her abilities. She is headstrong, and very independant and has been since a little girl. Dont get me wrong, all is not sunshine and roses, she has had some very tough times of late, and it worries me senseless, but I believe as you do that our Precious Lord has a reason for us being here and going through the motions, even if its to tell other, to encourage them to carry on, to help them along the way, to cry with them, to laugh with them, even to be the shoulder to lean on, and that my dear dear friend, is what I admire in you, and know that you and your family are destined for greater things. You keep on posting,introducing us to new friends/people cos that is your path, and we thank you for allowing us to be part of it. Big prayers for you, BigChris, LilChris and Ayla, and especially for Nathan and his family and for Chaia - I pray that her family get all the Blessings from above to help them through, and they need friends like you. Much love and hugs xxxxx Charm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

heleadsus said...

Just wanted to say, love this post. I think about these things so very often. God is a good God and though we travel through some amazing difficulties due to CF, it is by His grace and for His glory that we travel. May our lives continue to shine the Light of Jesus on this road. Nice to "meet" another Mama that loves Jesus and is traveling on this road of CF. =) Have a blessed day!

OmaOpa said...

Thank you, my beautiful daughter in law, for this post. I agree that the song Healing Begins is one that comes to my mind as well and along with that is a song by Mark Schultz "He Will Carry Me" (I don't know how to post the link).
I pray all the time for God to bring healing to my grandsons. It is so hard for me to know that 2 of my grandsons have diseases that could one day take their lives. I have to admit that I have questioned God and have been angry with Him. When I listened to Ben's video where he says that he could ask why me and instead he says why not me, well God put me in check at that very moment. See I thought I had dealt with the anger but God has shown me that I am still carrying some of that around. So now the question is what am I going to do with it? My light has not been shining so bright. This morning was my time slot to pray for Chaia and once again God has put me in check.
So I want to thank you & Ben for sharing your feelings. I believe that God has a great plan for Chris', Nathan's & Chaia's lives and we may see it lived out but there is also the chance that we don't see it this side of heaven. I think about Conner & how many lives he touched.