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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prayers for Chaia Needed!!

An awesome co-worker of mine, Shaina and her husband Ben who I used to work with also, had a daughter named Chaia 3 months ago. (BTW, Chaia is pronounced K-long i-short a;) She recently fell ill and has been in the hospital for I think a week in a half now. She has a genetic disease that is affecting her heart and other organs. I know I can't explain it all properly, so click Ben's blog link to read and hear the story straight from Ben.... http://www.mustardrevolution.blogspot.com/

I hope you get a chance to hear his video's that are really good about explaining everything. Ben and Shaina are the best Christian's I know. I know they have the faith that miracles can happen and God is able!!

Chaia is having some very important tests done today at 12:30 Eastern standard time to determine if certain parts of her heart is dead or just hibernating. Please say a prayer for all 3 of them as today is going to be very hard for them. The waiting for the results is going to be very hard!

Please pass this along to get as many prayers as possible for Chaia. Ben asked that everyone put Chaia's pic above as your profile on Facebook for today and ask your friends for prayers. Chaia really needs them!!!


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