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Friday, October 14, 2011

Update on Eating Chart, Vitamins, Cough, Ayla's Potty Training, & Chaia

Here's an update on Lil' Chris and his new eating chart, softgel vitamin, and cough...(and potty training update for Ayla;)...(and baby Chaia too;)

This pic was Week 2 chart(I can't find week 1 as of right now, but he did have 15 stickers Week 1!! YEA;-) Week 2 he had 13!! We made him write his name next to his sticker if he ate all that we told him to eat, and write "sorry" if he didn't:)
This is Week 3, our current week. He's on track to get another prize this week too!!:) He has some catching up to do with writing his name. He told me today that he will finish them tomorrow...too funny:) He really likes the fact that he knows his letters and can write them! I've been playing games with him to help him with his letters and he has been doing AWESOME!! Writing them....well....that's another story. I think he writes his name the worst in his class....hence the writing his name on the chart... ;)
Here is a pic of his new softgel vitamin, Aquadex...
They are HUGE, but he never gave us a problem taking them:) In these pics I compared them to one of his enzymes that he has to take with everything that he eats. He swallows 3 of those red and blue enzymes at one time with every meal, so I guess one big pill is no biggy to him;)
He has to take the BIG Aquakex once a day, b/c his body doesn't absorb the Vitamins A, D, E, and K in the foods that he eats. This big pill is filled with those vitamins!! :) I actually like the Source CF softgels better(they are the same color and size), b/c they didn't smell as bad as the Aquadex and didn't give him nasty smelling burps;0 LOL! As long as he's not complaining, I'll keep getting the ones that the insurance covers.
As for Lil' Chris' cough...he still coughs every once in a while. I wonder if this is the start of his CF chronic cough;( I hope not. His next CF clinic appt is Nov 16th. I pray it's gone by then, so I don't have to ask.

His preschool teacher called us this past Monday saying he had a bellyache and was in the bathroom for a long time. So we picked him up. I think it's a good idea that we up his enzymes at school from 2 to 3 for snack time, b/c he has complained of a tummyache a few times after school. The CF nurse and I had decided on 2 enzymes at school, b/c he doesn't usually eat much in a short amount of time. It worked well in the beginning, but maybe now he is catching on that he doesn't have all day to eat when he is at school:) I'm pretty sure that his bellyache on Monday was from eating like half a stick of butter at dinner the night before though;)....calories are calories, am I right CF mom's?? :) I can remember melting a tbs of butter in his baby food. Can you imagine adding extra calories like that to everything you eat?? Yet...Lil' Chris is STILL only 38 lbs!!!! So frustrating!! Ayla is almost catching him! They just got their flu shots the other day and she is now over 33 lbs!!!

Speaking of Ayla;)....I started a potty chart for her for nap time and bed time. She has been potty trained during the day for a long time, since she turned 2 I think, but not at bed time and nap time. I give her a sticker and a piece of chocolate when she wakes up dry. I'm pretty sure she only does it for the chocolate though;-) LOL!! So far, every time that I have been home with her at nap time and left her in her big girl undies....she has woken up DRY!! YEA!!! At bed time, I still put her in her pull-up and she hasn't woken up dry yet;( I think she has realized now that if she has her undies on than she shouldn't pee in bed, but if she has her pull-up on than it's ok to pee. I guess I'm going to have to try night time with just undies to see if my theory will work or not;-) Wish me luck!! LOL!! I would like to get her 100% potty trained before she turns 3 in January. We started potty training Lil' Chris at nap and night time when he first turned 3. He caught on pretty quick and hasn't had any problems since!! It's been WONDERFUL!!! I'm hoping Ayla catches on quick too:)

Hope to see you this Sunday to pray for Chaia's heart to heal(see past posts for details)!!! Please continue to pray for Chaia, she needs us all!! www.mustardrevolution.blogspot.com
PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AWESOME DADDY:) I LOVE YOU!! You still look 40 to me;-)

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