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Sunday, May 23, 2010

1st Garage Sale / CF Bake Sale was a Success!!

Our 1st Community Garage Sale / CF Bake Sale was a HUGE SUCCESS!!
Thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by and bought something and then gave a little extra for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!! We and 30,000 other CF families GREATLY appreciate it!!
Special thanks to all of our WONDERFUL neighbors who stopped by to give a donation! Thank you SO much!! I was in awe of your generosity!
Big THANK YOU to the following neighbors who participated in the Bake Sale by working hard on baking yummy goodies, making some GREAT signs, and then spreading the word about CF and collecting donations!!! You all AMAZED me by all that you did for Lil' Chris. We can't thank you guys enough....
Andrea & John
Carrie, John, & Gideon
Rachel, Seth, & Brayden
Melissa, Daron, Jeremiah, Micah, Talia, & Carissa
Special thanks to Michelle & Sean who couldn't be there for the garage sale, but baked some brownies and brought them to me to sell at our garage sale:) Thanks guys, it meant a lot:)
This was the first time that a non-family member(besides Christi, but she's pretty much like a sister to me;) raised money for Lil' Chris by doing some kind of a fundraiser. It really touched my heart when I walked around to their houses and saw the time and effort they put into their signs that they made with pics of Lil' Chris, and all the yummy goodies that they worked so hard on. It really means the WORLD to us to have such support so close to home:) Thanks again everyone for everything!!!!!!
I forgot my camera when I went around to their houses, so I only have pics of our CF Bake Sale and of Andrea & John's. Thanks Andrea for sending them to me;) Great Job on your awesome signs and delicious goodies:) I didn't get a pic of Carrie's cupcakes, but they were FANTASTIC!! Carrie has her own cake making business and she makes the most beautiful cakes and cupcakes ever!! If you want to check some of her work out, here is her website... www.carriescakes-wooster.com. I HIGHLY recommend her:)

Adding everything together: 100% of our garage sale & CF bake sale, plus 100% of everyones CF bake sale, equals to about $350 raised for the CF Foundation!!!!
That's AWESOME!!
Thanks again everyone!! I'm looking forward to next year;)

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Oma & Opa said...

Great job everyone & thank you for supporting my grandson.