Our old CF Commercial that plays on MCTV. Still working on this years.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

CiCi's was a Success!!! Thank You Everyone!!

Our CF Fundraiser tonight at CiCi's Pizza went GREAT!!!

Special thanks to my AWESOME KOHL'S A-TEAM GIRLS who gave up their time to help me raise an extra $500 from Kohl's:



Barb N.


Also, thank you to Elaine and Calvin at Kohl's for covering while Rebecca came and was our 5th Kohl's associate so we could get the $500 ;)

Our AWESOME neighborhood showed their GREAT SUPPORT AGAIN by coming out!! Special thanks to:

Andrea & John

Sean & Michelle(Thanks Michelle for spreading the word at your work;)

Rachel, Seth, & Brayden

Meg, Shane, & Alex (thanks Alex for picking our raffle winner;)
and a new neighbor that just moved in about 1 month ago, I think his name is Brian;)

We were raffling off 2 Indian's tickets and the winner was....BARB N. from Kohl's!!! YEA!! Thanks Barb for your donation!! Thanks for going to almost all of my CF fundraisers and for always giving up your time to help out! You definitely deserved to win:)

We had a GREAT night and ended up raising $185 in tips, donations, and raffle money!!! Plus we will get $500 from Kohl's!! YEA!! Plus we probably raised about $100 in the 10% from the receipts!! So that brings the total to.........$785.00!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Another good thing...we raised a lot of awareness about Cystic Fibrosis:) YEA!! Awareness is the key to a CURE!!!


Don't forget, CiCi's is doing Pin-Ups for CF until the end of May!! Buy a Pin-Up for $1 or more at any of the 10 different CiCi's in Northeast Ohio:) Wooster is doing a GREAT job!! Here are some pics of the Pin-Ups that they have sold so far...