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Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Antibiotic;( Bactrum / R.I.P. Emily

Well, we are back to ANOTHER antibiotic!! He still has that nasty sounding cough, so I called the CF clinic today. They said to have him do Bactrum for 14 days and then they want to see him. He already has his annual clinic apt set up for June 16th, but they want to see him sooner b/c of this cough. The cough is from his cold I think, b/c after my cold I had a cough. My cough wasn't nearly as bad as his though. I guess his lungs just can't handle it as well as mine or a non-CFer.

They still need to see him on June 16th though to do his annual visit, which consists of blood work, chest x-rays, and seeing every doctor. It's usually a very long visit. I have a feeling it's gonna seem extra long this time since Ayla is getting older now and wants to walk around and touch everything;)

They put him on Bactrum this time, b/c it has only been a little over a month since the last time he was on an antibiotic(Augmentin). They don't like to do the same antibiotic so close together, so that is why we have to do Bactrum this time. I think Lil' Chris has only done Bactrum one other time. I could be wrong, b/c I tried to search it on my blog and nothing came up. I might be thinking of when he took Sulfatrim. It came in the same big HUGE bottle. One good thing about Bactrum versus Augmentin, is that it is only 14 days instead of 21 and it doesn't have to be refrigerated:) Lil' Chris took the Bactrum for the first time tonight, and he didn't seem to like the taste but he took the whole 10ml. I didn't think he was going to finish it, but he did thankfully!! Hopefully the taste will grow on him:)

So, Bactrum 2 times a day for the next 14 days at 10ml each time. 10ml seems like a lot!! Pray we get through this with no problems and pray that it works and kicks his cough right out.

I forgot to tell you what he did a while back that just about every kid does I think.......somebody guessed that he cut his own hair, which was a great guess, but what he really did was....tried to climb his dresser and it fell on top of him! Lil' stinker! Luckily he didn't get hurt. He said he wanted to touch the radio on top :) Here are some pics after I picked up the big part of the dresser...
Here is the radio he was trying to get and the frame that he broke.

Here is what I found behind his crib...pieces of paper from his books that we used to let him go to bed with. Now you know why we don't let him go to bed with books anymore;-) I wondered where he used to put all the pieces;) lol Ayla throws her socks behind her crib;) lol

Please also pray for Emily's family and friends. Emily was a 26 or 27 year old with CF who passed away on May 1st. She did many wonderful thing for Cystic Fibrosis. She was the ambassador of Pipeline to a Cure. I remember watching her video's a long time ago and they always just stuck with me. She was big on surfing and said that it helped her clear her lungs better and the salty air helped too. She was basically the reason why I wanted to move closer to the Ocean so Lil' Chris could be closer to the salty air. If we could afford it, I would.
At least now she is in a place with no CF. Breathe easy, Emily. You will be missed by so many! Click here to hear more of her story.

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