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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Applebee's CF Fundraiser TONIGHT 4-9pm / Q & A

Click on the flyer below and print it and bring it to the Wooster Applebee's TONIGHT 5/12 anytime between 4pm and 9pm and then 15% of your bill will go towards a CURE for CF!!!
I got a great question today, so I thought I would share the answer with everyone in case anyone else was wondering;)...

Question from Christine from CF Momma:

Did you set up the Applebee's Fundraiser? I would like to know how you go about getting all these great fundraisers for next year. Or maybe even this year.


Yes, I set up the Applebee's fundraiser and I set up all my CF fundraisers. It's actually really easy to set one up:) All you have to do is call or go in, and ask to speak with the manager. Then ask the manager if they do any fundraisers to help out the community. If they do, then they will either ask you what date you would like to do one, or they will give you a paper to fill out first and you can write the dates when you would like to do one. They will let you know if they already have one booked that same night or not. So you know, you usually need the 501c3 tax ID number. You can get it by calling your Great Strides Chapter. Then they will ask who to make the check out to...Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Sometimes they ask for the mailing address, or you can just pick it up and then send it in yourself, or turn it in at your walk.

Then it's up to you to pass out the flyer that they email you. If you don't print them and pass them out or share them through email, then you won't raise as much money. I've been told that the best way to spread the word is on Facebook...from my experience...this IS true!!! That's why I LOVE it when my friends repost my flyers or the info about my fundraisers, b/c I don't have too many fb friends from this area since I'm not originally from around here. So thank you everybody who reposts them:)

Some places that I know of that do them are: Applebee's, Friendly's, Max and Erma's, and CiCi's Pizza. Every area is different though. I have heard of Bob Evans and Buffalo Wild Wings doing them too, but the ones in our area don't do them.

So you know, you can search online at the restaurants in your area to see if they do any community fundraising. That's how I originally found out about some of them.

Also, you don't HAVE to do all your fundraiser BEFORE your walk. You can do them after and just send the money to your chapter. Just don't forget to put your team name on it;) What I do, is I have the restaurant send the check directly to my Great Strides chapter, and then I put all the tips and raffle money in my checking account and then make an online donation to my Great Strides page. It's easier then making out a check and sending it. Plus it shows up on your Great Strides page quicker;)

I hope this helps someone in someway:) Let me know how you make out!

If anyone else has any questions for me, just let me know and I'll answer it soon:)