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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CF and Pregnancy Update

Hey Everybody,

Guess who has a couple of more teeth coming in? And guess who is cranky about it? Yup, my main lil' man:) The last few nights he hasn't gone down so easily and every now and then he'll wake up in the middle of the night crying. The 2 teeth that are coming in are one on each side of his top 2 teeth. I hope all his teeth come in quick now, so that we can start feeding him some real food that he can chew!

He is doing ok with the butter, but when my husband tried blending up some of our food for him, he did not like it! I guess we'll just keep trying. "If at first you don't succeed, try try again."

Last Thurs July 10th, I had my first ultrasound with our second baby. I was 11 weeks and now the due date is Jan 29th. They said everything looked great! I asked if their was any way to detect CF in an ultrasound, and she said that maybe towards the end of the pregnancy they may be able to tell by the way the bowels look. It doesn't always work though. I told her that we waited 9 months the first time, and we can wait 9 months this time too(actually there is only 7 months left now;) She gave me a prescription to help with the nausea, but it makes me sooooooo sleepy. I usually take it though, b/c it does help a little bit. I'll keep you posted.



Auntie Steph said...

Hey guys,
Teething...errr! It was a breeze with Nathan, we never knew he was cutting teeth till they came in. It never seemed to bother him. On the hand, you know with Lincoln that something about to happen, 'cuz he is miserable throughout the entire process! Nathan, I guess, is like Greg, with a high tolerance for pain, and Lincoln is just like his Mommy :) no tolerance to pain!!!
Chris told me the other day about your prescription for the nausea...I wish I had that when I was pregnant with Nathan!
Glad to hear things are going well!
Talk to you guys later!
Love you all
Hugs and kisses to the lil' man!

Oma & Opa said...

I hope for you & Big C's sake, Lil C's teeth come in quick. A cranky one year old and pregnancy nausea...What Fun!!!! I am glad that the pills are helping you. As for the blended food, there is a big difference in the taste and the consistency of REAL food vs baby food so don't get discouraged just keep trying. Have you tried mashed potatoes or pasta? I know Big C loved the mashed potatoes and pasta.
Lovin & missin you all
Hugs & kisses to my grandbabies