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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

E-mail from a reader

Hi all! M sent me this lovely e-mail from one of our favorite readers and I thought it would be nice to share it with all of you. Here is a little background on her story... her daughter (C) is in her 20's & participating in a CF research program in Europe. The hope is that the results will end up benefiting all CF'ers. Charmaine had never heard about the vest before reading this blog & her daughter is now actively trying to see if she can get one. It would certainly make a big difference for her rather than having to continue doing manual CPT.
I hope you will join us in praying for C... that she will be able to get a vest, that the research program will go well, for her continuing health & of course for our friend Charmaine who is far from her daughter during the program. Here is the email she sent to us...

29 June 2008

Hullo again, its Me Charmaine - sorry havent been in touch but my system was down. Had lots to catch up with though.

Congratulations on being Preggies........its a gift as you well know and I just want to tell you that although C has CF, my youngest daughter T doesnt......The Lord will only give you what you can handle (although at times you might not think so....)

Just a quickie about the trial C is on - she had more scans done this week - got to see her lungs in 3D which she said was awesome - but also showed how much muck is still sitting there - these scans were done over a period of 5 hours on Thursday and then Friday morning she was back at the hospital for more scans and they showed her how the mucus is sitting in the stomache - this cannot be helped, its a natural thing to swallow unintentionally. She cannot really say much as they keep the findings for their records and will only let her know when the trial is completed - which by the way is 2 1/2 years to go.....

She is still discussing The Vest with the clinic she attends - she reckons they are a bit slow at times but C is a determined person and once she sets her mind on something it becomes a goal and she wont rest until she has achieved..........which sometimes has taken her a long time but eventually she has got what she wanted. Hows that for determination!!

Please if you hear from Aunt D, wish her well with her packing and moving - and I wish her the very best in settling in.

With fond regards

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