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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shots Update

I'll make this brief since I'm still not feeling very well. I have to say a special THANKS to my wonderful brother- in- law who fixed our laptop over the phone! THANKS YOU SO MUCH S!!!

Lil' Chris got his 1 year shots yesterday and his finger prick done. He was such a champ! He didn't cry at all when she pricked his finger! He just sat there the whole time playing with the paper on the table while she kept squeezing the blood out of his lil' finger to get a sample. Now, the shots on the other hand.... that was a different story! He of course cried, but only for a couple of minutes. He is such a good baby:)

They said that with these shots, he may get sick over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we don't run into that problem. Although he did throw up a few hours after getting the shots. We are not sure if it was from the shots or from the samples of different things that the dietitian gave us to try. My husband tried to give him 3 different kinds yesterday, but he wouldn't even barely taste them. I can't blame him after what he went through with trying the PediaSure. Hopefully he'll like one of the ones I'm going to make him try today. Here is the list of things we got to try...

Bright Beginnings Soy Pediatric Drink : Vanilla
Nutren Junior Fiber by Nestle Nutrition : Vanilla
Ele Care (powder) : Vanilla
Nutricia E028 Splash : Orange Pineapple
Just For Kids 1.5 Cal : French Vanilla

Has anybody used any of these before? I've never heard of them. Let me know what you thought of them or what you used after formula.

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Oma & Opa said...

I sure hope one of these works out for him. As I said on the phone, if he starts to throw up again look to see what the ingredients are and compare them to the pediasure.
I sent the blog site to Jill and Gary, friends of Uncle H, they have a daughter with CF.
Lots of love, hugs & kisses.