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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lil Chris Update

Good morning!

I talked to M on the phone for a little while yesterday & she said Lil Chris is doing better! Yesterday was the first day he was back to himself since his last episode with the Pedia Sure. Unfortunately the dietician wasn't able to bring her the samples of Pedia Sure alternatives on Sunday though so they are just continuing on with his formula. Hopefully he won't have the same reaction to the other supplements as well.

I asked M how she's been feeling & she said she's counting down the weeks to the end of her first trimester. =) I remember feeling like that too! It always felt like a fog lifted from my brain after the 12th week. I hope it works out that way for her & doesn't linger on like it did with Lil Chris. Her experience has been different this time though, no throwing up all day & she can actually eat more than just slurpies & crackers so who knows maybe it'll be a girl! I hope so! I have bins & bins & bins of girl clothes that I've been saving to pass on to my sisters. :P

M & I were talking about names yesterday too. She's not sure what she wants to do yet but she likes traditional names. We won't know what she's having for another 10 weeks or so but we were discussing girl names. I've got a fun idea! Why don't you give us your suggestions for both boy & girl names & I'll list the top 3 of each in a future post!

Have a great day!


Oma & Opa said...

I am right there with you D hoping for a girl. We have all boys on this side of the family. Not that there is anything wrong with boys but a girl....but no matter, I am praying for a healthy baby.
Hmmmmm, names, I know that S has mentioned a few girl names when she was pregnant, Madison being one of them and I like the name Nicole so why not Nicole Madison? Kinda has a ring to it, don't you think? As for a boy...I am blank at this point, but if I come up with one I will be sure to post it.

Auntie Steph said...

GIRL, GIRL, GIRL...just 'rooting' for a girl :)
traditional names...hmm, that's a bit harder for me, since I prefer non traditional names, hence, LINCOLN COLE...
but anyhow, Kathryn Nicole was a name Mom had picked out when she was pregnant last, and the nickname was going to be Katie Nicole
I prefer names like Rylie, Lilliana, Morgan, Brielle, but with traditional middle names, such as, Grace, Abbigail, Krystyna (I like putting a twist to the spelling)
Boys names, I can do traditional... Jonathon, Nicholas, Gabriel (Gabe), but I also like names such as, Caleb, Luke, Luca, or Lucas
Your brother in law says Gregory is a good, POWERFUL name :)
I love names and love coming up with names and trying them out to see if they fit with the other names in the family...Lil Chris and Caleb go nicely together or Lil Chris and Abbi
OK OK I could go on & on...how fun & exciting this is!!! Good idea D
Have a great night everyone!