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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bad Day/Night

Yesterday Lil' Chris wasn't feeling like himself. For breakfast, he threw up his yogurt, then he wouldn't drink any of his bottle. At least he ate his food first before he threw up. Then for lunch, we met Daddy for Pizza. We used our handy dandy squeezable applesauce for his enzymes, then he snacked quit a bit on some pizza. He seemed to really enjoy it. Then later, he ate his food and drank his whole bottle. I was glad, since he didn't drink his morning one. But later that night, as soon as I gave him his enzymes, he threw up. I think it was the pizza???, but I'm not sure though. It wasn't much, so I kept trying to give him his enzymes so he could eat his dinner and then go to bed. I finally was able to get it into him and then he ate his food and he took his antibiotic. By this time, I thought he was feeling better, b/c he ate his food pretty quick. Boy was I wrong! I gave him some pieces of string cheese that he didn't finish at lunch. He ate a couple of pieces, and then it happened! It just came pouring out of him! It was even coming out of his nose!! He was flipping out! When he was little, this used to happen all the time, but it has been awhile. I think he was flipping out mainly b/c it stung not only his throat, but his nose as well. Even the enzymes were coming out of his nose. Sorry, I know this is gross:(

For some reason, I'm not the type of person to panic when stuff like this happens. I don't know why, I would think that I would be. Maybe it's b/c he used to do it all the time. So, I cleaned him up as best I could. He wouldn't let me touch his nose, but I had to wipe it. Then I took him upstairs, grabbed a towel(I know from experience this was not over) and sat with him on the rocker. I was hoping he would just go to sleep, but he just sat there whimpering. I was waiting for more to come up while I was trying to soothe him. Then as we sat there with the towel over him to catch the throw up, he turned toward me moving the towel almost out of his way, and then it all suddenly came up right on me! That's ok, I'm used to that too. I don't care as long as it makes him feel better. Then before I could even stand up, he threw up again! It all happened so quick!

Finally, I was able to get him onto the changing table. I had to take a second and wipe myself up, b/c I was dripping on the rug. Then I changed him and he seemed to be starting to feel better! I was able to get him to laugh and play with some books while I finished cleaning myself up and the floor and threw everything in the wash. I still knew that this wasn't the end. So I did like his Daddy always does, lined the crip with every blanket we had. Luckily Nancy made us a bunch of cool receiving blankets, so I grabbed all of those and covered the mattress and the bumper. Then I put him down, b/c I knew he was tired. He went to sleep pretty quick. It took a lot out of him.

A little bit later, my husband got home from work. When we went to go check on him, he was sound asleep, but there was throw up in the crib. Not a lot, just a little bit. I was surprised that he didn't even cry when he threw it up. He usually always does! So, we turned the light on and he woke up. I grabbed him and cleaned him up, and my husband changed the one blanket that he threw up on. He was glad that I put those blankets down, so he wouldn't have to change the crib sheets(they are a pain to change now that the crib is so low to the ground).

After that, we put him down and didn't hear a peep from him the rest of the night! So it didn't end up being one of his worst nights. It wasn't so bad after all. This morning he seemed fine! He ate all his breakfast and bottle! He had lots of fun playing in the bathtub too:)

I'll let you know if anything else happens,

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