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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Above is the whole sample kit: Applesauce, 2 packs of olive oil, pamphlet, and a card with a coupon code.
Below is just the Squeezable Applesauce Pouch.
Here is something GREAT for us CF Moms that I'm going to pass on that Daniel's mom shared with me(Thanks Daniel's Mom:)...
If you still feed your CF child enzymes with applesauce, then you have to check out this website(Medisimpleshoppe.com) and try a sample of the Squeezable Applesauce Pouch. It is great for travel. It is a pouch of applesauce with a screw on top so you can throw it in your purse and it won't spill!

If you go to the site, click on Blog at the top to find out how to get a free sample. Or just email them at healthy@medisimpleshoppe.com and include your name and mailing address. I emailed them to get a free sample, b/c I wasn't sure if Lil' Chris was going to like the taste or not. Sometimes when we go out to eat, we order applesauce so we can give him his enzymes, but he doesn't like certain applesauce's. So when we got the sample in the mail, we tried it and he really liked it! So then I went back to the site and ordered a case of it. (Tip: if you order a case, you won't get charged for shipping). A case is 12 packs of 4 applesauce's, so you get a total of 48 pouches. Also, you get it cheaper if you order it by the case. In the sample they sent me, they sent me a card with a coupon code: medisimple. So try it if you order, it may work for you too and you'll get $5 off!

They also sent me 2 samples of olive oil packet, which they said is great for adding fat calories to any food anywhere. I haven't tried them yet. Not really sure about it. I've never heard of doing that before. Has anyone else? It's probably a good idea.

To learn more about the story of how the website came about, click on the FAQ's on the website, or click here. It tells the story about a mother with a child with a medical condition and just wanted to make life simpler. Also, if you have any other great ideas, just email it to them. My husband said that they should make the pouch with a spoon attached to the end of it, so when you squeeze it, the applesauce goes right onto the attached spoon! He's so smart:) I'm going to email that idea to them, b/c it seems like they are open to any great ideas if you read the FAQ's. I'm also going to email them to see if I can somehow get a bunch of samples or pamphlets to hand out at our Great Strides Walk next summer. Hopefully they go for it, b/c I'd hate for any CF moms to miss out on this.

Even if your child doesn't have CF, it is a great healthy snack on the go! So, check out the site, they have lots of convenient items for: Travel, Nutrition, Sterilization, Organization, Easy Breathing, and much more! They even have a spot to order gift certificates if you know someone who might benefit from it...hint, hint...just kidding...although, I have been researching about the salt air purifier and how good it is for CFers. I'll have to save up for that one. I've read so many things that say that those CFers who live near the Ocean breath easier and live longer b/c of the salty air. We've thought of moving just for that reason, but then it is hotter there, which would make him sweat more, which would make him lose more salt, b/c CFers lose more salt when they sweat. So this salt air purifier is like living by the Ocean without the hot air:) So smart!
All together, I ordered one case of applesauce, the medicine spoon with a cap for traveling, the medicine spoon with a brush(they are hard to clean sometimes), and the On The Go Surface Cleaner(I haven't tried it yet). Plus, I put my "medisimple" coupon code in and got $5 off. So, my total was $39.52(no shipping charges b/c I ordered a case, and no tax charges either for some reason). Another tip I'll give you, just like Daniel's mom gave me...the applesauce does expire, so don't over order(I just got my case and they don't expire until June of '09).
Let me know if you get the sample and like it.


Susanna said...

Hi M, Thanks so much for sharing. I hadn't heard of this stuff yet. I just might have to try it. I HATE the baby foods (Janna's applesauce and Chloe's Very Berry Banana --just to keep them seperate) spilling or leaking in the diaper bag. It sounds awesome and the price sounds great too.

As for the Olive Oil packs... for the kids that have "failure to thrive" issues, (like Janna) they strongly suggest adding oil to their applesauce or baby food. Even if it's just a teaspoon per jar of babyfood it adds a good boost of those needed fatty calories. They also suggest adding butter or cream, mayonaise or sour cream...anything to make an ordinary snack into 'fat city':-) Janna loves tuna with loads of mayo and eats it by the spoonfuls. I even gave her some of the tuna that's in oil instead of water. So she was getting the oil and mayo:) Oh yeah and there is peanut butter. Those little gold fish (cheddar crackers) are great dipped in PB or Ranch dressing.

I know this is about a different post, but ... I'm so sorry about Lil Chris' rough day/night. I hope you don't have to go through that very much. I don't know how bad his reflux is, but Chloe's is really bad, and sometimes it seems that if she misses some of her Prevacid, she is more prone to throwing up spells. Also she just simply gets 'gaggy' (is that a word:) and the reflux kicks in and she throws up more easily than others. I don't know if it's the same way with him or not, but...anyway.

Again, thank you so much (and to Daniel's mom:-) for sharing this info. I'm going to have to go check it out:)

Leslie said...

Thanks for passing on this great info! I just emailed them for a free applesauce sample. Can't wait to get mine! Let me know how the On the Go Surface Cleaner works and how many times you can reuse it. Sounds like a neat idea.

Hope Lil' Chris is feeling better and doesn't have some kind of stomach bug!!